Post Lockdown Latest News

As you may be aware we have been closed since 20th March 2020 and will be re-opening from 1st September. As a small business, this has been (and still is) an incredibly worrying time and we are thankful for the comfort and support from kind messages sent through during this time. We will do everything we can to survive and come through this and hope you will be able to help us in a small way. Every new booking is precious and so very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

So what’s next?…..

As well as preparing for a safe return to class with risk assessments and safety measures, all our courses and workshops that should have run during those 6 months will need to be re-scheduled along with missed exams. As we work through the list we will write to everyone affected on individual courses. This is a mammoth task and will take time but please be patient with us.

Each newly scheduled course will be added to the website and marked as confirmed dates. Courses that are part way through will not show on the website but dates will be emailed to those attending.

Please check back here from time to time to see which courses are available for booking with confirmed new dates.

We look forward to tutors returning in September and seeing you all in class.

Thank you


Confirmed Courses (available for booking) – click to open:

  1. ITEC Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology 5 day Attendance/On-line Course
  2. ITEC Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology 8 day Attendance only Course 
  3. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Refresher Course
  4. ITEC Diploma -Ultimate all-inclusive Massage
  5. ITEC Massage Diploma
  6. ITEC Aromatherapy Diploma
  7. Massage Foundation Course
  8. Massage Refresher Course 
  9. ITEC Diploma – Ultimate all-inclusive Reflexology
  10. ITEC Reflexology Diploma
  11. Reflexology Refresher Course
  12. ITEC Indian Head Massage Award
  13. Diploma in the Development of Organic Phyto-Skincare Cosmetics
  14. Massage Foundation CourseTrigger Point/NMT
  15. Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma
  16. Indian Head Massage CPD course
  17. Natural Face Lift Massage
  18. Baby Massage Instructor Certificate
  19. Hot Stone Massage
  20. Lymphatic Massage
  21. Thai Foot Massage
  22. Gua Sha Body Massage
  23. Gua Sha Facial Massage
  24. Gliding Cupping Massage Workshop
  25. Hands Free Massage
  26. Abdominal Massage
  27. Massage Therapy for Frozen Shoulder and Related Conditions
  28. Massage Therapy for Headaches, Sinusitis and Migraines
  29. Massage Therapy for Sciatic Pain and Piriformis Syndrome
  30. Massage Therapy for RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow
  31. Massage Therapy for Arthritis and Degenerative Disease
  32. Massage for Anxiety and Depression
  33. Massage for the Elderly and Infirmed
  34. Myofascial Release – Foundation Course
  35. Soft Tissue Release
  36. On-Site Chair Massage
  37. Deep Tissue Massage – Foundation Course
  38. Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Back and Neck 
  39. Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Shoulder and Arm
  40. Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Hip and Lower Limbs
  41. Effective Stretching Incorporating Muscle Energy Techniques
  42. Kinesiology Taping
  43. Crystal Massage
  44. Memorising Muscles
  45. Oncology Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
  46. Reflexology for Pregnancy
  47. Facial Reflexology Techniques
  48. Facial Reflexology Techniques Part II
  49. Reflexology for Fertility
  50. Reflexology for Female Conditions
  51. Reflexology Techniques for Babies
  52. Reflexology Techniques for Babies Instructors Course 
  53. Reflexology for Spinal Health
  54. Reflexology for Digestive Health
  55. Meridian Reflexology
  56. Hot Stone Reflexology
  57. Hand Reflexology
  58. Effective Consultations and Foot Analysis
  59. Intuitive Reflexology
  60. Auricular Reflexology
  61. Crystal Reflexology
  62. Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed
  63. Ultimate Aromatherapy Refresher
  64. Aromatherapy Botany Workshop and Field Trip to Kew Gardens
  65. Aromatherapy in Cancer Care
  66. Aromatherapy for Dermatological Conditions
  67. Emergency First Aid
  68. The Art of Candle Making
  69. Foundation Course in Botanical Perfumery
  70. Therapeutic Uses of Carrier Oils
  71. How to Correctly Make and Preseve Your Own Aloe Vera Gel
  72. How to Make a Natural and Pure Vegan Multipurpose Balm
  73. Make Your Own SLS and SLES Free Hand Soap/Bodywash/Shampoo
  74. 100% Natural Facial all from your kitchen cupboards
  75. Make Your Own Vegetarian Anti-ageing Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  76. The Art of Incense Making
  77. Understanding the legalities of selling Natural Products to the General Public
  78. Introduction to Mindfulness
  79. The Mindful Therapist
  80. Face Reading for Health
  81. Diet and Nutrition Masterclass – Fighting Sugar Addiction
  82. Diet and Nutrition Masterclass – Good Fats and Bad Fats
  83. Introduction to Craniosacral Techniques
  84. Ear Candling Practitioner Certificate
  85. Sound Massage for Therapists and Energy Workers
  86. Reiki I
  87. Reiki II
  88. Working with Chakras and Crystals
  89. Gentle Healing Tecjniques for Therapists
  90. Harnessing the Power of your Intuition
  91. Free Taster Day