Myofascial Release – Foundation Course

Myofascial Release – Foundation Course

Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International)
5 cpd points

Myofascial Release is a practical hands-on therapy that is effective in the treatment of soft tissue, fascial tension and restrictions.

Definition: – ‘Myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band.

Fascia is the internal connective tissue that gives support and holds parts together. It looks like a very thin spider’s web, connecting layers of muscle and surrounding all of the internal body tissues. In a healthy body the fascia is nice and relaxed, this allows it to cushion and support our structures allowing us to move pain free and without restriction.

Recent research has shown that fascia can contract and relax and has an important role in joint stability and mobility. Any trauma either physical or emotional can have an effect on the fascia; it can be pulled out of line which can cause problems on the surrounding structures, nerves and blood vessels as well as interfering with the lymphatic flow.

Course Details

This highly practical one-day workshop is designed to introduce you to the principles of myofascial release technique so you can integrate it easily into your existing massage treatments. This in turn will allow you to offer a different approach to your clients and their presenting conditions. Clients will feel the benefit of this new application, recover quicker, have improved movement and become pain free.

During the workshop you will be guided as to how to slowly stretch and release any restrictions you identify. This is a very different approach to massage. We identify the restriction apply pressure and hold for anything between 5 – 10 minutes, this gives the fascia time to respond to our gentle pressure and release. Fascia release cannot be rushed and is performed without the use of a massage medium.

Topics covered will include the following:

  • An introduction to fascia – physiology and functions
  • Principles of Myofascial Release
  • Benefits of Myofascial release
  • Light touch palpatory skills
  • Contraindications and contra-actions
  • Demonstration and practice of the treatment

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is designed for practitioners, qualified in any form of Body Massage Therapy.

Recognition by Professional Associations

Validated by IPTI – (Independent Professional Therapists International) and widely accepted by most Professional Bodies

More Information

The workshop will be largely practical in content and you will be required to wear appropriate clinic workwear for the duration of the course. This is a largely hands-on day allowing sufficient time to practice and perform the techniques under the guidance of the tutor. Those attending will partner up with another therapist and will get the chance to perform the techniques taught as well as being the recipient. Understanding what the technique is supposed to feel like is an invaluable tool.

Duration: 1 day

Course fees include:

~ All class tuition

~ A comprehensive course manual

~ An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio

~ 5 cpd points

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January 2021 - Sunday - 10am - 5pm

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