Reflexology Techniques for Babies

Reflexology Techniques for Babies

Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International)
5 cpd points

Welcome to the enchanting world of reflexology for babies! There is nothing quite like it!

Babies love to have their hands and feet played with and it often makes them giggle and wriggle. It is a natural action to take hold of a baby`s foot and play with toes, run fingers down the arch of the foot and to take hold of irresistible tiny fingers and hands! How about taking this playtime beyond fun and learn how to help with some of the common issues that both baby and parent have to contend with.

Through touch, babies learn the comfort and security of being loved. Research has shown that stimulation through touch will assist in promoting growth and development and the physical act of reflexology increases blood flow, energy flow and strengthens the immune system.

There are endless benefits for babies receiving reflexology and it is suitable for newborn, right through childhood and into adulthood.

With knowledge of direct reflex points, associated reflex points and craniosacral balancing through the feet we can be more precise with our application to help with conditions such as colic and disturbed sleep patterns. By working on the digestive reflexes, we can help to relieve constipation and diarrhoea; on the solar plexus reflex we can promote sleep and relaxation; on the chest, diaphragm, lymph, sinus and associated reflex points we can help relieve colds and respiratory ailments.

Of course, a baby does not need to be out of sorts to receive reflexology, it can be a very beneficial therapy to receive on a regular basis to stimulate growth and development, help maintain good health and strengthen the immune system.

How can Reflexology help?

  • Calming and relaxing
  • Improve sleep pattern
  • Help baby to recover from the traumas of the birth process
  • Help to improve the immune system
  • Help with snuffly noses and congestion, coughs and colds
  • Help to alleviate colic
  • Improves digestive function and issues such as constipation. It will also sooth discomfort associated with these conditions
  • Help with teething pain and distress
  • Help with general wellbeing

Course Details

During this workshop you will learn

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology for babies
  • Baby development
  • Adapting your reflexology skills for babies
  • Reflexology techniques for common conditions affecting babies
  • Sensing and balancing the craniosacral flow
  • Communication and considerations
  • Tips and techniques for parents
  • Contraindications and cautions

Learning the special gentle techniques created especially for babies, infants and toddlers will open up your practice to a unique and ever expanding group of clients – parents and babies. Watch your client list grow as word of mouth recommendations start to happen. You may be the only reflexologist in your area specialising in baby techniques, offering you amazing opportunites to expand your business.

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is designed for qualified reflexologists

Qualification Recognition by Professional Associations

Validated by IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International) and widely accepted by most Professional Bodies

More Information

The workshop will be largely practical in content and students will be required to wear appropriate workwear for the duration of the course. During the session you will practise on each under supervision of the tutor who will offer guidance and feedback. Hot stone sets and heaters will be provided for your use during the practical sessions.

Duration: 1 day

Course fees include:
~All class tuition
~ A comprehensive course manual
~ An MSCM Certificate of Attendance
~ 5 cpd points

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