Massage Therapy for RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow

Massage Therapy for RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow

Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International)
3 cpd points

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is the name for a collection of symptoms which are due to overuse and repetitive strain on muscles and fascia and the connective tissues around muscles and joints. Common conditions which fall into the category of RSI include carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers’ elbow and tennis elbow. RSI conditions are typified by symptoms including chronic pain, especially at night, sharp and shooting nerve pains, inflammation, burning pain, tingling, numbness, pins and needles and a general loss of function, eg: inability to pick up a cup or pen.

Repetitive strain injury can be quite painful and cause crippling disability. Prevention and early treatment are the best ways to relieve the pain caused by RSI. Massage can reduce the discomfort and inflammation caused by repetitive strain injury, and can help prevent future injuries. Massage will allow for greater flexibility of the joints and muscles and can provide much needed relief from RSI. Repetitive strain injuries are a common affliction among millions of people. The use of massage therapy for treatment of RSI is quite effective.

The demand for massage therapy to reduce the risk of RSI continues to grow. To treat RSI you need to understand the synergism between muscle groups and how overusing one muscle, or group of muscles, for prolonged periods of time puts tremendous stress on all the muscles of a particular joint.

You will learn to use various techniques to release muscle tension and remove trigger points. When applied professionally, massage can interrupt perpetuating factors such as poor posture by relaxing and lengthening the muscles that support the spine and the head. This reduces inflammation while assisting the body in repairing damaged tissues and in the return of muscle strength.

It can also be useful to end the session by using ice and/or heat to decrease pain, increase blood flow, and calm irritated nerves. Stretching and resistance exercisers can also help strengthen and relax sore muscles while reducing the chances of reactivating the pain pattern.

Course details

During the masterclass we will cover the following:

  • Review of the relevant anatomy
  • Understanding RSI
  • Review of symptoms and causes for
    RSI ~ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ~ Wrist Tendonitis ~ Medial Epicondylitis  Golfer’s Elbow ~ Lateral Epicondylitis Tennis Elbow
  • When is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?….when it’s Wrist Tendonitis. Learn to avoid the common mistake!
  • Basic massage therapy guidelines for treating
  • Palpation and visual evaluation
  • Correct application of pressure
  • Contra-indications to massage

This medical massage masterclass will help you have a better understanding of different forms of RSI, the common symptoms, causes and how to treat them. It will enable you to offer effective treatments with confidence resulting in great results for your clients.

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is designed for practitioners, qualified in any form of Body Massage Therapy.

Recognition by Professional Associations

Validated by IPTI – (Independent Professional Therapists International) and widely accepted by most Professional Bodies

More Information

The workshop will be largely practical in content and you will be required to wear appropriate clinic workwear for the duration of the course. During the session you will practise on each other under the supervision of the tutor who will offer guidance and feedback.

Duration: 3 hours

Course fees include:
~ All class tuition
~ A comprehensive course manual
~ An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
~ 3 cpd points

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November 2021 - Friday - 10am - 5pm

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