Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed

Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed

5 cpd points

Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed can be a wonderful experience for both client and therapist alike. For many elderly people it may be the only human touch they experience. Therefore, each treatment can have a huge impact on their quality of life. It can also be one of the most profound and rewarding experiences for a reflexologist! As therapists we are blessed to have skills which can make such a difference to people’s lives.

Benefits of Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed

One thing is certain about life and that is that as we grow physically older we develop certain conditions that may affect our mind and body. These ailments, in turn, can also affect the ways in which we view our futures and sense of well-being.

Reflexology is particularly valuable in treating problems associated with growing older, such as:

– muscular stiffness
– arthritis
– tendonitis
– bursitis
– respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema.

More specifically, for the elderly who have undergone hip replacement or knee replacement surgeries, Reflexology helps in recovering their foot mobility. The therapy not only improves circulation in the lower extremities but also stimulates the nerve endings of the organs and feet. Elderly patients find the sessions helpful in maintaining their leg and foot mobility as well as the gait and range of motion of the legs and feet.

Reflexology also encourages circulation, whole body balancing, and helps to decrease inflammation or oedema. The digestive system can also be gently stimulated and brings a sense of peace and relaxation and it can also help with anxiety and loneliness.

In summary, reflexology for the elderly and infirmed has a profound effect from physical to mental and emotional healing as well as maintenance. Careful reflexology can help provide the elderly with symptomatic relief and enable seniors to extend the vitality in their lives. The elderly deserve the best care possible and Reflexology helps in ensuring they get this.

Course details – Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed

The objectives behind this course are to:

  • Explore and understand the ageing process and its implications:
    • Mentally
    • Physically
  • Common ailments affecting the elderly
  • Special handling of the elderly
  • Improving well-being
  • Practical techniques for the elderly & infirmed
  • Use of hand reflexology techniques
  • Adapting techniques for clients with restricted movement
  • Safety considerations

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is designed for qualified reflexologists. Beneficial to those wishing to specialise in working with the elderly or in care homes.

Recognition by Professional Associations

Widely accepted by most Professional Bodies. If you are not already registered with a Professional Body and would like to do so here are some useful links – ICGT, APNT , CtHA, FHT. For stand alone insurance Balens

More Information

The workshop will be largely practical in content and you will be required to wear appropriate clinic workwear for the duration of the course. During the session you will practise on each other under the supervision of the tutor who will offer guidance and feedback.

Duration: 1 day

Course fees include the following:

  • All class tuition
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 5 cpd points

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Course Dates

January 2022 - Friday - 14th January - 10am - 5pm

Cost: £95.00 (+VAT)

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