About Us

Since our foundation in 1992, the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine has become a recognised Centre of Excellence within the field of Complementary Therapies.

Who are we?

Over 10000 professional therapists have trained at the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, attaining ITEC Diplomas and Post-Graduate qualifications accredited by various professional associations, such as, IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International), CThA (Complementary Therapists Association), FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) and APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists).

We aim to offer the most comprehensive professional training in complementary medicine available today. MSCM enjoys an excellent reputation for the highest standards of tuition from highly qualified and experienced tutors, supportive and caring learning environment, reasonable fees and good pass rates which, together with a comprehensive curriculum and an emphasis on learning through fun, fulfil all the requirements for a successful, interesting & rewarding career.

Where are we?

The Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine is based in Northwest London training takes place at 2 locations; Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood and our own premises in West Harrow. All venues are close to M25 and have easy access to tubes, buses and trains. See details of our venues.

What do you get when you train with MSCM?


Founded in 1992, we have decades of experience as a school and our tutors each have a great deal of invidual experience in the industry in their various therapies! We know how to support your success.

Experienced and highly qualified tutors

We train and hire the best in the business. All of our tutors are busy practising therapists with a passion for their subject, a desire to pass on knowledge and a supportive and caring teaching style. You can rely on their advice about working in the real world of complementary medicine. We love what we do, and our goal is to inspire our students to love learning and to love our profession.

Excellent tuition

Interactive and varied teaching methods to suit everyone. Most of our staff are graduates of the school and like their tutors before them carry forward the strong MSCM lineage. Most importantly, our instructors are trained not just to provide answers, but to listen and provide individual feedback and clear explanation of concepts and techniques. They provide a safe and inviting classroom environment where you learn in a fun and enjoyable manner.

In-depth learning opportunities with a good mix of theory and practical

Using both practical and theoretical learning means that every type of learner will benefit, whether you are more hands on or learn better through listening to, and writing and reading what you are meant to. Using practical learning allows you to get hands on experience and learn the tools of the trade. It can allow you to feel confident and competent in the skills and techniques you will need when qualified to do your job effectively. Theory can help you understand why practicals are carried out in a certain way so that you can understand what you are doing yourself and explain to others. Theory on its own will not teach you all the skills you need, neither will practical. To master almost any field, you will need to do both. 

Guided Learning and Home Study

To succeed in learning it is important that you spend time at home reading and digesting the theory as well as practising the techniques learnt in class. Our guided home study suggestions have been designed to steer you in the right direction, to keep your studying focussed and relevant. We never set homework for the sake of it. Each one is carefully designed to facilitate deeper learner and consolidation of relevant content. It enable us to offer continued support away from the classroom.   

Part-time weekend courses

Very few people have the luxury of opting for full time courses. All our courses are part-time and our weekend courses are ideal for people with busy lives.

Part-time weekday courses also available

Ideal for therapists, shift workers, self-employed, part-timers and those not working Monday to Friday.

Flexible Learning

Modular structure and careful timetabling of our courses allows you to work at your own pace. We understand how difficult it is for many to commit to lengthy courses and have taken this into account by building as much flexibility into our course programme as possible.  

Reasonable Fees

Interest-free Instalment payment plan available upon request. The cost of our training is among the most reasonable in the country. Plus, we help to make your education affordable by offering an Easy Payment Plan. Call us to discuss - we are always accommodating as we understand the diffilculties many face financially.

Professional Qualifications

ITEC diplomas are recognised in over 33 countries worldwide. ITEC qualifications are accredited by OFQUAL on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills in the UK, and also comply with the National Occupational Standards. ITEC Diploma qualifications are highly regarded by prospective employers who understand an ITEC qualification means excellence in both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Professional Membership

Graduates of MSCM are eligible to join the most widely recognised Professional Associations in the UK. Guidance is offered to new therapists of the options available.


Validated Courses

MSCM courses are widely accepted throughout the industry. There are many professional bodies who recognise our courses, such as CThA (Complementary Therapists Association), IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International), APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapies) amongst others.

Extensive choice of Professional Courses

MSCM have always offered a wide range of therapies for you to choose from. Massage and Reflexology are hugely popular as are Indian Head Massage and Aromatheraspy. Many therapists end up being multi-disciplinary after time.

Wide Spectrum of Post-Graduate Courses and Workshops

MSCM offer one of the most comprehensive selections of cpd courses and workshops for which Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points available. We are fully commited to offering opportunities for further learning for therapists.

Exceptionally High Results

We have outstanding statistics - 99% first time pass rate and many Credits and Distinctions. We are so proud of our students and their amazing achievements. These results have stood the test of time since our foundation in 1992. 

Proven Track Record

Over 10000 therapists trained to the highest standards of excellence. Therapists from all over the UK and further afield have trained with us and continue to return for further learning. We have a huge family of wonderful therapists all making such a difference to the world.

Excellent levels of student satisfaction

Some of the feedback we receive is really humbling. Everything we do is done from the heart - we pride ourselves on our nurturing and support  throughout the learning process.It is wonderful to receive words of appreciation from so many.

Outstanding reputation within the industry

MSCM graduates are known for professionalism and exceptional standards. We have been training therapists for such a long time and our name is known in the wider world. Our wonderful therapists represent us in the field and do us proud.

All ages/all backgrounds catered for:

• training opportunities for complete beginners
• no prior knowledge needed
• exam preparation
• supportive assistance prior to examinations

Comprehensive notes

Each tutor produces handouts accompanying each teaching session. We try to be paperless whenever possible as part of our Environmental Policy. Some handouts are emailed as pdf's. Any handouts needed in class, such a s workbooks, are printed and made available. 

Supportive both during and after training

We are friendly, caring and approachable. Being a small, independent school of complementary therapies gives us many advantages. We have time and energy to dedicate to each individual student. We do everything we can to help you develop each student to their full potential. We understand this can be a personally transforming process, and we provide support and encouragement for the personal changes that many people go through. We are committed to the personal and professional excellence of each of our students.

The views of our students matter

As an MSCM student you will have easy access to the School Principal and Course Co-ordinator and are encouraged to feedback – we also listen!

Great Locations

MSCM operates from 3 training centres in Northwest London which are easily reached by car and public transport. All 3 locations are well served by London Underground on either the Metropolitan Line or Picadilly. Paid parking is available at two of our sites and free parking is available in nearby side streets at all of our sites.