The Mindful Therapist

The Mindful Therapist

Making your treatments even more special
3 cpd points

Mindfulness practice has powerful implications for our complementary therapy treatments enabling us to slow down and be present, calm busy minds and relax tense bodies, be non-judgemental and compassionate with clear professional boundaries and intentions.

Beyond the obvious health benefits, mindfulness practice creates conditions for treatments that go way beyond the ordinary. Those conditions pave the way for creating a cooperative and highly effective healing relationship with your clients.

Through an intention and desire to pay attention, mindfulness practice trains you to be aware of what’s happening in the present moment, you will be more connected with how your client is feeling and how they are reacting to the treatment. The simple act of drawing your attention to what is really going on can produce far more results than technique administered with no awareness. This is further enhanced by encouraging your clients to be mindful during the session.

The body/mind connection is a powerful doorway to well-being. By offering a safe, sacred, and confidential space for your clients your mindful approach to treatments will project warmth, caring and openness and will enable you to work deeper with intention and focus. This in turn will offer your clients the opportunity to touch the restorative power within as they unwind their busy minds, escape the pace of everyday life and emerge feeling focused, with a sense of renewed positivity.

Course Details

This hands-on workshop explores how we can use mindfulness techniques to create intention, focus and improved connection for more powerful and truly special treatments as well as empowering clients with effective everyday relaxation tools and techniques.

During the workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • A mindful treatment room – setting the scene
  • A mindful consultation
  • Mindful observation and listening
  • Grounding/protection and clearing – creative techniques helping to centre and balance yourself and your clients
  • Creative Visualisation techniques
  • Breathing Exercises and how to use in the treatment room
  • Mindfully introduce your touch
  • A mindful treatment
  • How to introduce mindfulness to clients
  • Mindfulness tips and guidelines as self-help for clients after the session
  • Resources to help you take your understanding and practice further
  • Mindful self-care techniques for yourself as a therapist

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is for therapists of any discipline who wish to make their treatments more special by working mindfully. To attend you must have completed the MSCM Introduction to Mindfulness course or similar Mindfulness training elsewhere as a good understanding of mindfulness is a pre-requisite.

More Information

Duration: 3 hours

Course fees include:

  • All class tuition
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • An MSCM certificate of attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 3 cpd points
  • A complimentary pack of worksheets, exercises and tips to us with clients

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Course Dates

November 2021 - Sunday - 14th November - 2pm - 5pm

Cost: £50.00 (+VAT)

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