Crystal Reflexology

Crystal reflexology combines the advantages of reflexology with the powerful healing energies of crystals, resulting in a subtle re-balancing and harmonising on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Using a crystal to perform the reflexology, as well as placing the crystals on, around and underneath the body, can bring about a completely different reflexology experience for the recipient. They may feel a wave of peace, or knowing. They may experience a release of something they’ve been holding onto for a while. The effects for each person, from each crystal, are always different.


This unique course is designed for qualified reflexologists who wish to use the vibrational energy of crystals within their practical application of reflexology.It will show you how to use the healing energy of crystals and how to integrate them into your reflexology routine.

Course Details


Topics covered during the workshop will include:


  • Crystals – a history and introduction
  • Chemistry and formation, shapes and forms
  • How to identify crystals
  • Crystal properties
  • Colour and vibration
  • Cleansing, maintaining, activating
  • Chakras, colour and crystals
  • Selecting specific crystals for their properties
  • Crystals to balance and cleanse your working space
  • Use of crystals in reflexology and practical application
  • Working with chakras on the feet
  • Use of crystals in reflexology and practical application
  • Elevating your vibrations to work with more energy
  • Expanding your energetic healing abilities to work as a Reflexologist with crystals
  • Crystal and gemstone layouts
  • Crystal ‘wands’ or points
  • Polished ‘tumble’ stones
  • Chakra points on the hands, feet


Crystal Reflexology works in the same way as standard reflexology but with the integration of crystals to enhance the treatment and give greater results. It is a gentler treatment that uses a crystal as opposed to the therapist’s thumb or finger. Minimal pressure is applied as the crystal’s energy works the reflexes and therefore this treatment would suit anyone, including those that find standard reflexology too painful or uncomfortable.


Reflexologists who are looking to protect or rest their thumbs can also benefit from this treatment.

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is designed for qualified reflexologists.

Recognition by Professional Associations

Widely accepted by most Professional Bodies. If you are not already registered with a Professional Body and would like to do so here are some useful links – ICGT,CtHA, FHT. For stand alone insurance Balens



As part of our 30th year celebration you will receive a gift from us in class


30 Crystal tumblestones



More Information


You will be handling the crystals and working with them on the day. The workshop will be largely practical in content and you will be required to wear appropriate clinic workwear for the duration of the course. Crystals will be provided for your use during the practical sessions and you will practise on each under supervision of the tutor who will offer guidance and feedback.


Duration:  1 day


Course fees include:

  • All class tuition
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 5 cpd points


Tutor: Lucy Bush– see our MSCM Tutor Page  


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Course Dates

August 2022 - Sunday 14th August - 10am - 5pm

Cost: £97.50 (+VAT)

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