Diet and Nutrition Masterclass – Good fats and bad fats – the truth!

Diet and Nutrition Masterclass – Good fats and bad fats – the truth!

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Following recent ‘revelations’ making sugar our biggest enemy, many people mistakenly concluded that now ‘it’s OK to consume fats freely’ and they no longer need to worry about fat content of their meals and snacks. But is it really the case?

Concerns are growing rapidly about the devastating consequences of this approach to healthy diet and weight loss.

Did you know: Some types of fats can prevent MANY common health issues and even HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS! Interestingly, Western society is dramatically deficient in such healthy fats and still consuming high quantities of unhealthy ones! Even the fashionable Ketogenic diet, often used as a weight loss tool, can lead to serious cardiovascular health issues!

For those who are still selecting low-fat or fat-free foods to support their weight loss regimens – according to a recent UK study, low-fat/fat-free foods can contain up to 10% more calories and 40% more sugar! And the vicious circle of low fat but high sugar and vice versa continuous.

Learn how to get it right and use this knowledge straight away to take control and create healthy eating habits for life!

Course details

Join us for this enlightening 3-hour masterclass where we will explore the following topics:

  • Fats that heal and fats that harm – good fats and bad fats
  • Fats and the labels – decipher the labels!
  • Hidden ‘trans-fats’ – what are they and why are some countries banning them?
  • Fats you must consume to stay healthy but are likely to be deficient in – solve this problem once and for all!
  • Are you missing on fats that can improve your mood, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and combat inflammations such as achy arthritic joints? Sort it out ASAP.
  • What to watch out for while on Ketogenic diet to still lose weight AND make it safer for the heart
  • Coconut oil – is it the only oil the body needs? Which one should we go for?
  • Which oil to cook with and why?
  • Types of cholesterol and where does it really come from?
  • The truth about eggs – one a week or one a day – where do we stand and why?
  • How to cook eggs to get maximum benefit from this perfect protein source
  • Tips and recipes to help you get your cholesterol levels down naturally and keep it that way

This workshop will be informative and practical – you will learn how to apply your knowledge straight away. Some handy ‘cheat sheets’ will also be provided to help you with your quest of getting your fat intake right!

Who Can Attend?

Open to all. Also suitable for those who have completed our Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapies.

Recognition by Professional Associations

Widely accepted by most Professional Bodies. If you are not already registered with a Professional Body and would like to do so here are some useful links – ICGT, CtHA, FHT. For stand alone insurance Balens

More Information

Duration:  3 hours

Course fees include:

  • All class tuition
  • A handy pack of ‘cheat’ sheets
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 3 cpd points

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Course Dates

February 2022 - Sunday 12th February - 2pm - 5pm

Cost: £50.00 (+VAT)

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March 2023 - Sunday 25th March - 2pm - 5pm

Cost: £50.00 (+VAT)

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