100% Natural Facial all from your kitchen cupboards

100% Natural Facial all from your kitchen cupboards

3 cpd points

Who does not enjoy a nice pampering facial?!

In the days when the phrase ‘skin food’ is commonly used to promote ‘natural’ skincare products we might question why a good facial is difficult to find – they are usually full of synthetic ingredients and come with a hefty price tag.

Have you ever panicked when your favourite face mask run out and you forgot to buy a new jar? Have you ever thought about using kitchen staples instead but were not sure what to use and how? Are you always looking for the 100% natural or organic skin care products? If so, this workshop is for you!

Course Details

Let’s have some fun and learn how to support our skin using real foods:

  • Meet the real ‘skin food’ heroes and learn what to use and when
  • Whip up some DIY super masks to calm, cool, nourish, and hydrate, with simple ingredients! Slap it on! BTW, no finger licking allowed! See if you can resist!
  • Exfoliate safely and gently with exotic fruits!
  • Cool these puffy eyes and learn a simple self-massage facial lymphatic drainage routine to go with it!
  • Sooth inflammations and irritations – beneficial, no matter what your skin type!
  • Simple self-facial massage to ease the stress and relax

Let’s have some fun!

All you need to bring is a table top mirror and a towel (it will probably end up messy!) – we will provide all the other materials and ingredients. And there will be a cheat sheet or two with the massage routines and some recipes and ideas to take home with you!

Who Can Attend?

All welcome. Start your week with a relaxing, delicious DIY 100% natural facial treatment using fridge and kitchen cupboard staples – they can make a perfect skin treat! Think how much money you could save?

More Information

Course fees include:
~ All class tuition
~ Cheat sheets, recipes and massage routine
~ An MSCM Certificate of Attendance
~ 3 cpd points

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