The Art of Incense Making

Learn the basic methods of making incense so you can create your own blends and aromas!! Rediscover how to make incense the way it`s been made by virtually every civilization since before the Stone Age; with natural earth`s aromatic treasures – resins, woods and herbs.

Incense making is a simple, inexpensive and enjoyable way of reconnecting with nature and a much more natural way to fragrance your home too!

Incense has been used for spiritual and healing purposes for several thousand years. Today, many people continue to use it just to fill their homes with the pleasant aromas. We also understand the aromatherapeutic benefits of incense. Scents are powerful evocative of memory, mood and emotions. We can actually alter how we feel or set the atmosphere just by burning the right scents.

Why make your own incense?

There are many benefits of making your own incense:

  • If you enjoy using incense regularly, you`ll get your money`s worth.
  • Many cheaper types of incense are scented with synthetic chemicals, which can sometimes be overpowering for indoor use or even toxic – we never know which ingredients have been used!
  • Other herbal and natural scents can be so subtle you`ll need to use several sticks or cones to scent a room, and it won`t last for long.
  • Most commercial incense is stored for a while and loses much of its potency.
  • When we buy incense there is no way to really know what a blend will smell like until we take it home and burn it. If you like a particular blend and can`t find it again, you`ll most likely never be able to duplicate it unless you have made it yourself and have the recipe!
  • By making your own you know that the ingredients used were to your satisfaction – pure and natural!
  • There is the satisfaction that comes with using something, or giving a gift of something, that you made entirely on your own!

Course Details

This one day practical workshop will be dedicated to incense making. It will cover:

  • Historical background
  • Most common ingredients – try and smell
  • How to make different types of incense – loose incense and incense sticks/cones
  • Incense making – make your own incense cones to take home.

Come and join us for a fun day of incense making! All you need to bring is a small lunch box to take your creations home.

Who Can Attend?

All welcome.

More Information

Course fees include:
~ All class tuition
~ All ingredients used in class

Plus you will take home with you

~ An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
~ 3 cpd points
~ your own natural incense

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Course Dates

February 2022 - Saturday 5th February - 10am - 1pm

Cost: £50.00 (+VAT)

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May 2023 - Saturday 20th May- 10am - 1pm

Cost: £50.00 (+VAT)

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