Reiki II

Reiki II is the Practitioner Level so attendees will be able to set up their own practice and give professional treatments. You will learn three of the four Reiki symbols and how to apply them in sessions, as well as how to send Reiki healing distantly across time and space.

Level 2 is concentrated on the symbols and their meanings.  These allow the practitioner to connect more deeply and draw on the qualities that these symbols represent. You will learn how to use symbols to cleanse, energise, protect and connect. They can be placed over doors and in corners to protect a living space and used to send healing to loved ones and ancestors, even Mother Earth. In view of this, practitioners may discover changes in their personal growth and mindset as emotional and spiritual vibrations are raised.

Course Details

During the course you will learn:

  • How to deepen your connection to Reiki
  • The body’s energy centres/Chakras
  • Reiki Level 2 Attunement
  • The Power, Harmony and Distant symbols
  • How to apply the symbols
  • Sending Distant Healing
  • How to Reiki your home
  • Setting up your own practice
  • Further energy cleansing techniques

Who Can Attend Reiki II?

This course is suitable for those who have completed Reiki Level 1 and wish to enhance their energy work.

Recognition by Professional Associations

Widely accepted by most Professional Bodies. If you are not already registered with a Professional Body and would like to do so here are some useful links – ICGT, CtHA, FHT. For stand alone insurance Balens

More Information

The course is a mixture of theory and practical. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a small blanket and pillow.

There will be a maximum of 6 people on each course allowing time for individual attention. We teach in a relaxed and personal style with plenty of time for questions, working with the new skills and on your specific healing strengths.

Duration: 1 day

Course fees include the following:

  • All class tuition
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 5 cpd points

You may also find the following workshop very beneficial:

Gentle Healing Techniques for Therapists

Preparation for the Reiki II attunement:
In the week leading up to the course try and de-stress by taking more time for yourself. Avoid alcohol at least a week before the class and caffeine and nicotine at least a day or so before beginning the course.

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Course Dates

June 2022 - Saturday 18th June - 10am - 5pm

Cost: £97.50 (+VAT)

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