Sound Healing Using Drumming

Sound Healing – Drumming


Why is drumming therapeutic?


Drums are among the oldest and most widespread instruments in the world, most ancient cultures used drums in varying forms in story telling, healing ceremony and ritual for their rhythmic, hypnotic qualities and for their ability to unite and motivate us – it’s all in the rhythm!


The deep resonant tones are very grounding while the repetition of a steady beat is very hypnotic and leads our brain into its meditation state as all primordial sounds do and this is where deep healing can take place.


Shaman and traditional medicine men were very aware of this and used drums to take those who needed rebalancing to altered states through the use of drumming sessions to find their own inner wisdom around any situation.


The use of drumming therapy can be a very powerful one for you and your clients. While you facilitate a very deep relaxing meditation for them, you find yourself also, in a deeper state of awareness creating a temporary energetic connection to the spirit of the drum, ancestors and probably your client.


Clients may react differently to the treatment. Some fall asleep, some feel very physically aware and some feel like they have drifted off to a very happy place! Following a session, the client can continue to experience the benefits of having been in the meditative state for some time.

Course Details


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Whether you are looking to become a sound healing practitioner, interested in sound healing, or just want to learn a new skill, this training is for you.

This training course aims to give you the confidence to use the drum for self healing, helping others


What we will cover;


  • Introduction to drums – which ones and why
  • Playing techniques – how to get the best out of any drum
  • Tools – sticks, strikers or hands?
  • Story or journeying – to speak or not to speak?
  • How to structure a drumming journey for desired outcomes
  • What to expect and look out for in your clients – reading reactions
  • Holding Sacred Space
  • Adapting your new skills to incorporate drumming with your current offering
  • Contraindications


This amazing treatment can be blended with your current energy or bodywork offerings to your clients or is a very powerful stand-alone therapy in itself. It also enables you to serve large groups of people at once in a beautiful way.


Clients come away feeling relaxed but energised all at once because of the mind and body effects but those who are truly open to it may journey very deeply within to engage their higher selves, bringing insight, intuition and so much more after experiencing this energy/meditation therapy.

Who Can Attend?


If you would like to learn how to use the drum, introduce drumming into your practice or run your own drumming session either for a group or on a one-to-one basis with a client, then this workshop will give you all the skills you need.


Small group size with individual support and guidance. No drum or experience needed to start. You do not need to have any prior musical training or special talent. It’s an intuitive practice guided by a positive intention.


You may also find the following very beneficial:



Recognition by Professional Associations


Widely accepted by most Professional Bodies. If you are not already registered with a Professional Body and would like to do so here are some useful links – ICGT, CtHA, FHT.


For stand alone insurance Westminster


More Information


This hands-on day allows sufficient time to practice the sound healing techniques under the guidance of the tutor. During the course you will get the chance to perform the techniques taught as well as being the recipient. As a result you will benefit from understanding and experiencing how it should feel.


Duration: 1 day


Tutor: Lucy Bush – see our MSCM Tutor Page


If you would like to read what others had to say about the course – click here


Course fees include the following:

  • All class tuition
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 5 cpd points
  • Use of drums on the workshop (you may bring along your own if you have one)
  • Tea and coffee throughout the day


Sound Healing Diploma


To attain the MSCM Sound Healing Diploma you must successfully complete a minimum of 4 of the following workshops within 24 months of each other.

plus attend the following at least once.

You may attend a Sound Bath and Drumming Circle locally to you instead of coming to ours – we would just like you to have experienced them.


Once you have finished your final workshop please email us at [email protected] to request your certificate.


There are no case studies, exams or extra fee for this diploma.



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If the course you wish to attend is full please send us an email at [email protected]. and we will be pleased to add you to the waiting list in case we have any dropouts.


If you are unable to attend the date below and are keen to do the course please let us know on [email protected]. If we have enough interest for another date we will be happy to schedule one in.


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Course Dates

November 2024 - Saturday 23rd November - 10am - 5pm

Cost: £98.75 (+VAT)

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