Drum Birthing

We were all born with our own internal drum – our heartbeat. We hear the heartbeat of our mother in her womb.  Making contact with a drum awakens our sacred, awakens our soul.


The beat of the drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth herself and hearing or facilitating this “heartbeat” by playing the drum, brings healing and a deeper understanding of your connection with all life.


To birth your own drum is both a beautiful and spiritual process, as you will be placing your love, energy and intent into your own personal, special and powerful hoop drum.


Birthing your own drum can be an emotional experience, sometimes it brings tears, and we weave them into our creations. Sometimes there is so much laughter and light – whatever happens, it is a reflection of you, and a part of your healing journey and you will be fully supported throughout with our loving guidance.



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The 1-day course offers you a step-by-step approach to creating a single-sided frame drum and a drum beater from scratch. It helps give you a connection to your drum so much more powerful than buying one that is ready-made, no matter how beautiful it is or lovingly made. It is like it becomes a part of you, perhaps this is why we call it ‘birthing’ a drum.


The spirit essences of your drum are a goat (animal hide) and birch (frame). The healing essences and preparation work will be done beforehand to honour the animals being rebirthed, to thank them for their lives to support any healing they need before the healing essence to come through as the spirit of your drum.


During the day you will be supported and guided through the creation of a sacred space. This is so that you can invite both the spirit of your drum and beater into your physical creation space, and energetically merge with their essences through meditation.


What will you do and experience?


You will have the opportunity to create a 13inch goat skin drum and beater, and explore how the sound of the drum supports wellbeing.


This full day course covers many aspects and you will learn:

  • About the benefits of drumming (experiential and theoretical)
  • How to care for drum and tune your drum
  • How intention, imagery and drumming work together
  • How to create your own drum and beater
  • Learn how rest and relaxation supports your body’s healing process.



  • How movement, grounding, self-awareness and imagination to help you settle into a safe and supportive space that you create.
  • how the drumming can support rest and relaxation.
  • how intention anmd vibration affects your wellbeing and healing process. (Theory, Demonstration and active participation) and adds to your drumming experience.



  • your response to different drumbeats.
  • A guided meditation to meet the spirit of your drum through and learn how to bring its healing essence through.



  • how your focused attention and intention can support you to understand your body’s expression and become more self aware and proactive.
  • how drum size and different types of frames makes a difference to the sound and resonance of a drum.
  • how to make a drum and beater.



  • How and why rest and integration are fundamental to this work and can be a fundamental tool to support your wellbeing.
  • Consider your next steps….drumming alone, joining a group.



Each drum making workshop is a labour of love, it is easing the lace ever tighter to stretch the drumhead into its voice. Every drum has its own voice and its power. Depending on the weather, your drum may take two or three days to dry and let you hear its voice.




The essence and spirit of the drum in forged in ceremony. When those essences are blended together to become one, and their spirit essences combine in the perfect way to bring about the potential for healing. This drum in essence is a sacred instrument and the preparatory work honours it as such, throughout the process of rebirthing. Your drum can be used for wellbeing, sacred drumming, tradition or shamanic circles.


In this is a beginner’s course, those coming may or may not have this ceremonial knowledge, or shamanic background. With this in mind, Toni will have created a healing and ceremonial space to support and offer healing to the spirit of your drum, preparing it to take up its new role for when it is birthed into being.



A little about the makeup of your sacred drum


The frame

The 13-inch hoop that frame your drum will be made from Ukrainian Birch.


The Birch tree is often found in forests in Europe and the UK and was one of the earliest trees to emerge after the last ice age. This essence of this tree inspires new beginnings. With her early emergence after the last ice age, she is seen as a nurturer, and is very able to lead the way, prepare the ground and environment to support new beginnings. She embraces change and supports the creation of the nurturing environment needed for change to occur. She holds the space for and encourages a new way to emerge.


The Birch tree is known for its cleansing and healing. Birch is used in Northern Europeans traditions, in a cleansing ritual before sauna ceremonies. Brooms made of birch are used to sweep away the old energies to make way for the new. In Serbian shamanic practices the tree is a bridge between the upper and lower worlds.


This Ukrainian Birch creates a wonderful foundation and essence as the frame of your drum.


The hide

The face of your drum is made from goat hide. This spiritual essence of the goat is very playful. It is easily able to, through its nature, connect with children because of its natural curiosity and divine nature.


Goats can often live in quite harsh environments. They love to climb, known for their sure footedness and ability to scale insurmountable obstacles and the cliff faces of mountains.


Its horns give this spirit animal a natural connection with the heavenly realms, and as such it brings in the essences and light of the heavenly realms.



Who Can Attend?


Anyone can attend. Drum birthing is such a wonderful experience. This course is for anyone who wishes to make their own drum and use it to support their wellbeing. No previous handicraft experience or “artistic ability” .



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More Information

Duration: 1 day


Tutor: Toni Vyse – see our MSCM Tutor Page

Course fees include the following:

  • All class tuition
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 5 cpd points
  • Tea and coffee available throughout the day


Please note

In addition, you will need to purchase all the materials. These will be prepared and provided by your tutor on the day. A non-refundable deposit of £85 is needed to secure your hoop and hide. Please do so 3 weeks before the course to ensure all the sourcing and ceremonial preparation is possible. You send payment directly to your tutor – this will not be subject to VAT. Details will be provided upon receipt of course booking.


Sound Healing Diploma

To attain the MSCM Sound Healing Diploma you must successfully complete all of the following workshops within 24 months of each other.

plus attend the following at least once.

Once you have finished your final workshop please email us at [email protected] to request your certificate.

There are no case studies, exams or extra fee for this diploma.




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