Private Aromatic Sound Bath – for Heart, Mind and Soul

Private Aromatic Sound Bath – for Heart, Mind and Soul

experience pure relaxation

There is nothing quite like a sound bath – and the ultimate sound bath experience is when it is one-to-one!


Tailored to meet your needs, you will enjoy a deeply cathartic and transformative healing session, allowing you to retune at a deep level.


No effort required by yourself.  The sound does all the work. Simply lie back, relax and release stress and tension to the sound of the ancient gongs, singing bowls, drums, rain sticks, koshi bells and other dreamy instruments. The powerful sounds and vibrations all around you will resonate at your natural vibration. As the sublime sound waves wash over your body, you will feel the layers dissolve and will begin to let go of what is blocking you from resonating as your true self.


You will be deeply immersed in a variety of different sounds, tones, frequencies, and vibrations together with the gentle fragrance of pure essential oils. The sound of the gong is said to be the “sound of creation” whose energetic vibrations help to achieve a deeper state of relaxation, a higher state of consciousness, releasing physical and emotional blocks while stimulating circulation. The energy of the singing bowls can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, calming the adrenals and stimulating the immune system. The combination of different sounds intricately woven together is often soothing in nature, helping to shift brain waves from an active state to a slower, more relaxed state. Essential oils will help focus the mind and deepen your meditation, creating an ambience that makes it even easier to drift off and forget the daily grind.


Should I do anything special to prepare?


There’s nothing particularly special you need to do when preparing for your sound bath experience.  We recommend you be well hydrated before your experience as sound and vibration travel much better through water. Comfort is key when participating in a sound bath. The more comfortable you are, the more you will be able to relax and allow yourself to fully engage in the experience.


What is provided and what should I bring?


You will be lying on a couch surrounded by the instruments. Blankets, bolster for under the knees and a small pillow will be provided. Water will also be available for you.


Please wear comfy clothing, avoiding metal buttons if possible. During the session tibetan bowls may be placed on you directly allowing the vibrations to penetrate deep into your body.


It would be a good idea to bring some socks just to make sure your feet stay warm.


Finally, if you must bring your mobile phone into the venue, be sure to turn it off or have it on do not disturb. There’s nothing more distracting than a phone going off during your experience to bring you out of “the zone.”


Who would benefit from a private sound bath?


The answer is simple…. just about everybody! There’s nothing compares!

If you are feeling a little vulnerable emotionally, maybe fragile or lost, depleted or anxious this will be perfect for you. If you are searching for some inner peace, calmness and tranquility then look no further.


How will I feel?


Healing is such an incredibly personal journey; there is ‘no one size fits all’.  As a result, no two sessions are the same and you receive a healing that most serves you.


This is an experience, that really begins the process of cleaning the soul from the inside and rebalancing us on every level.


This is a time to relax, reflect, reconnect and replenish. You will enter a world of vibration, frequency, sensation and experience. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. Some people experience emotional healing, others great insights into their lives. You will feel truly, vibrantly alive. The more fully you are able to let go and surrender to the sounds, the better your experience will be. The sounds will open up your heart and create space for you to return to a more joyful and empowered state of being.


Word of warning!…….Once you’ve had your first private Sound Bath you’ll want more!

More Information


Your sound therapistLucy Bush


Venue – 136 Vaughan Road, West Harrow, HA1 4ED


Duration – 1 hour



  • not suitable for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • people with pace makers or other implants
  • those suffering from  any of the following :
    • serious heart conditions
    • acute or serious mental health problems
    • or those who may suffer from sound induced epilepsy
    • Tinnitus
    • Menieres.


Please let us know of any other health concerns we need to know about. In addition, It is advisable not to have heavy meals or alcohol beforehand.


Drink plenty of water for next 24-48 hours to help facilitate further healing to take place and to keep hydrated.


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If you would like to book a private sound bath please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0208-429-2895. We will find a time and date to suit you.


The cost is £60.00 for an hour payable on the day


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