Making Herbal Medicines for Stress Relief

Making Herbal Medicines for Stress Relief

5 cpd points

Herbs can be wonderfully supportive on an emotional level.


Stress and anxiety have become an inherent part of our lives today. However, being constantly tense can affect your quality of life in so many ways.


Anxiety and stress are common and can be caused by many different things like a big life challenge, a buildup of smaller difficulties, or mental health conditions. It can be difficult to navigate all of the feelings associated with anxiety and stress, but one all-natural way to relieve symptoms may be to use herbs. In fact, people have been using herbs for thousands of years to address numerous physical and mental health conditions.


Course Details


This class will introduce safe and non-addictive herbs that can often help as supportive tonics in busy lives or through especially difficult times.


  • Topics covered will include:
    • stress,
    • anxiety,
    • depression,
    • panic attacks,
    • insomnia,
    • grief & bereavement,
    • exhaustion,
    • concentration,
    • memory,
    • ‘busyness’
    • and adrenal burn-out.


  • Learn natural ways to cope with these using herbs and essential oils.


  • Prevention is better than cure! What we do on a daily basis really impacts on our physical, mental and emotional health. We will look at simple ways to develop healthier patterns and easily integrate them in to our lives.


  • We will explore recipes using safe herbs that can help to improve concentration, aid sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and much more.


  • We will look at changing some of our bad habits for healthier ones and swapping common stress-enhancing habits for more nourishing herbal treatments e.g. to help concentration: replacing/reducing caffeinated drinks with herbal tonics to improve the functioning of the brain.


  • We will also look at some of the under-lying reasons that we have and fall back in to habits and patterns that aggravate stress. Vivienne will offer practical tips to reduce this and try to nudge us all to healthier ways of living (We are aiming for ‘better’, not ‘perfection’. Perfection is another form of stress!)


  • Discover beautiful natural herbal remedies made from roses, lemon balm, lavender, hawthorn, lime flower, rosemary, wood betony and many more.


  • We will try out samples of many of these in the class in various different extract forms e.g. teas, tinctures, infused oils, essential oils etc.


  • Get hands-on and make your own: During the class you will get the chance to make your own nourishing tea blend and soothing aroma stick and aromatic herbal infused oil. Bring these home with you.


  • Having your own go-to soothing remedies to help you during difficult times can be a very empowering experience.


Get: recipes, safety instructions.


Ask me: your questions! I am a professional herbalist. I qualified 20 years ago. I have years’ of experience treating people in my clinic and helping them to manage and get through times of grief, bereavement, depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, sadness and over-whelm.


Who Can Attend?

All welcome.

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Course fees include:

  • All class tuition
  • Course manual
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 5 cpd points
  • Tea and Coffee throughout the day


Please note:

During the class we will make beautiful remedies and extracts for you to try out and/or bring home with you. These will be made using certified organic herbs and ingredients sourced by Vivienne. These cost £20 per person and this is payable directly to Vivienne on the day. In addition to this, should you want to buy ingredients to bring home with you so that you can go on to make your remedies and treatments, at the end of class there will be an additional  ‘Shop Session’ during which you can browse and purchase ingredients.



Tutor: Vivienne Campbell, Herbalist and Natural Product Maker – see our MSCM Tutor Page


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