Gliding Cupping Massage

1 What a wonderful workshop! Anita skillfully introduced us to using the cups and applying the gliding techniques. Loved the effects of the cupping and will certainly use these new techniques with my clients.
2 Course was great - it exceede my expectations. I came along for a refresher and had a really nice time. Teaching was fun and informative and I think it met the needs of everyone who attended. I would definitely recommend to others to come and I definitely feel like I am ready to use the cups in treatment.
3 Fantastic course taught by the wonderful Anita. Highly recommended to other therapists. Powerful treatment. Many thanks! :)
4 Simply amazing - so pleased I did this workshop. Thank you MSCM for putting it on and thank you Anita for making it such an enjoyable workshop.
5 Excellent course. Wow I love the cups. I will be using these in all my massages as the results are amazing. Thank you Anita - very much enjoyed.
6 Absolutely amazing - very hands on which is fantastic. And learnt so much, Great class and great teacher
7 Really good course, enjoyed the learning + treatment!
8 Lovely to see Anita again. Great course and it will be a great addition to my treatments - thank you xx
9 Another excellent course from MSCM - thank you
10 Well delivered course, nice group of people, perfect number for the course
11 Nice atmosphere like always :)
12 Interesting course. Nice atmosphere.
13 Great - thank you.