Esther Cato

Esther Cato

A massage therapist of 19 years💆🏽 and a meditation teacher of 3🧘🏽.
Having worked in both the private and public sector I’ve a very good understanding of what creates and exacerbates stress in everyday life and how best to treat it.
I have extensive experience in the following massage techniques and treatments and have received many positive reviews and opportunities featuring my work.
I have been featured in both The Luxury channel by an award winning Evening Standard write up and I have written a small piece for Healthy magazine sold nationwide by Holland and Barratt.
I worked in the public sector for many years in social care and my ability to empathize and understand the cause and root of your pain and muscular discomfort comes from a very in depth understanding of stress and the many triggers and consequences of it.
I have an extensive client base ranging from mums in the local community to workers in the corporate world, however, my skills extend beyond this to working with post operative clients and those having gone through chemo and radiotherapy.
I absolutely love my work and I hope you will too. I love working out puzzles 🧩so if you’re offering me an issue with your neck, back or shoulders, or have been experiencing tight muscles, I’d love to help solve the issue and get to the bottom of the problem, leaving you to a more relaxed and healthier way of life.

Book yourself some me me ME time… much needed and you will be so happy you did.
  • Esther Cato

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