Reflexology with Rachael

Reflexology with Rachael

My name is Rachael and I provide a mobile Complementary Therapy service in and around Rickmansworth. I studied with MSCM (Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine) and now have an ITEC diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage. I am a member of the CThA (Complementary Therapist Holistic Association) and the AOR (Association of Reflexologists).

As I am a mobile therapist, I offer the advantage of being in the comfort of your own home, where you can be fully at ease. When we meet, I will discuss your overall health and lifestyle with you so as to give you a more focused session. There are some medical conditions that would restrict treatment, including deep vein thrombosis, pregnancy in the first 3 months and localised fractures. It is important to inform me of any medical treatment you are receiving so that I can adapt your session accordingly.


For Reflexology on the feet, you will be asked to take off your shoes and socks and sit in a very supportive and comfortable reclining chair. The session will last for around 60 minutes and will begin with basic relaxation techniques to relieve tension in the feet and prepare them for treatment. I will then apply gentle pressure to points that correspond to different parts of the body. Most clients find the experience very relaxing and beneficial, while many even fall asleep. There can be slight discomfort in areas that have ‘blockages’ and need to be cleared, which I will do by working over the area with care.

Hand reflexology treatments are similar in format, however they will take nearer 35 minutes and you would remain seated upright in the chair. Even though clients are seated for this treatment, clients usually find it just as relaxing.

What are the benefits?
Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment that can be enjoyed as a single session. However it is most beneficial as a course of a minimum of 4-6 treatments tailored to your individual needs. Most people then continue to incorporate this into their self-care routine. This ancient and intriguing therapy promotes relaxation and can help ease a number of issues including,
• the effects of stress,
• lack of sleep,
• digestion disorders,
• emotional upset,
• muscular tension,
• skin complaints,
• headaches and migraines,
• immune system disorders,
• PMS and menopausal symptoms

*Thai Foot Massage*

A Thai Foot Massage session will last for around 60 minutes and will begin with basic relaxation techniques to relieve tension in the feet and prepare them for treatment. Then using a mixture of my hands and a specially designed wooden stick, I will massage and stimulate your feet and lower legs. This massage technique has been practised in Thailand for over 3000 years, and this gentle, therapeutic, westernised version helps promote relaxation, and release stress.

What are the benefits?
This therapy is suitable for all ages, and can benefit the body in many ways. In addition to promoting relaxation, Thai Foot Massage:
• improves circulation of blood and lymph,
• aids removal of toxins,
• calming stress relief,
• reduces stiffness and improves flexibility and range of movement,
• lowers high blood pressure,
• improved sleep,
• stimulates lymphatic drainage,
• boosts immune system,
• encourages relaxation.

If you would like to combine the benefits of both Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage into one treatment, I offer a fusion therapy which offers a deeper, though still gentle session with focus on complete relaxation.

*Indian Head Massage*

For Indian Head Massage, you will be sitting upright on a chair for the whole 30 minute treatment. As I do not use oils, this massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face is done over clothes, but it is beneficial for you to wear a thin/medium layer so that you can feel the pressure more deeply. This is not a deep massage, but with it’s therapeutic pressure it is incredibly effective at releasing tension and promoting relaxation and calmness. Indian Head Massage is very versatile: It can be invigorating or soothing. Because of this versatility, I also offer 2 additional versions of this ancient therapy.

– For deeper relaxation, I offer a 45 minute version which is more in depth, and also includes a hand massage and gentle stimulation of the face.
– For the office, I offer 15 minute sessions for employees in a work environment. This is designed to improve circulation and concentration through gentle, stimulative and invigorating massage techniques.

What are the benefits?
Indian Head Massage is a simple, yet effective therapy which is incredibly versatile. Among its many benefits, it:
• eases tight muscles and releases shoulders, therefore improving posture,
• aids lymphatic drainage to face,
• increases good blood supply to head, neck, shoulders and face,
• can help to ease headaches, migraines and mild neuralgia.
• decreases the sympathetic nervous system S.N.S,
• activates the parasympathetic nervous system P.N.S.

I will encourage you to drink plenty of water before and after your treatment.

Price List:
Foot Reflexology – £40 for approximately 60 minutes
Hand Reflexology – £30 for approximately 40 minutes
Thai Foot Massage – £40 for approximately 45 minutes
Reflexology / Thai Foot Massage Fusion – £50 for approximately 60 minutes
Indian Head Massage – £30 for approximately 30 minutes
Deluxe Indian Head Massage – £40 for approximately 45 minutes

The first session will take a little longer as I will take some time to talk through your general health and lifestyle before we start your treatment.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please call me on the number provided, or contact me via Facebook:

Reflexology with Rachael’s aim is to bring calm and relaxation to your door. Step away from the busy pace of life and take some time for yourself.
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