Simple tips to improve your directory listing

The MSCM Therapist directory allows the visitors to search many profiles and then choose the therapist they think best matches their needs. This means it’s even more essential that you have a compelling profile that’s clear about who you are and the and the type of work you do. By spending a little time tweaking you can enhance your listing to maximum effect. Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

Make sure you list the correct name and phone number

It may seem obvious, but you need to ensure that you have the correct name, and phone number listed. It’s estimated that 25% of online business listings use incorrect information.

Make your business description detailed & compelling

This section is very important because it’s where you can talk about how you work in a more informal way and let people know what to expect from you. Put yourself in the position of someone looking for help and think about what you would want to know in that situation. Avoid using specialist terms that a member of the public might not understand.

Visitors scan the directory looking for specific information and the contact details for therapists that meet their requirements. Make sure people know what you do by categorising your services under the most appropriate headings and by clearly explaining what services you offer and how you can be reached. Make sure you add a complete list of services, products, opening hours, payment methods, locations served etc…

Your business description is a great opportunity to give your business directory listing some personality. If you’ve been working as a therapist xx years, then say it; people love to know Be sure to include any accreditations you have.  People want more information, so don’t disappoint.

Add photos to give your business listing real character

A picture speaks a thousand words. Photos are a great way to personalize your business & make it stand out. People like to know in advance what someone looks like. The reality is we all make quick judgements and assessments of others through their image. This is highlighted even more online and many clients will decide to call you based on your image. It is preferable to use a portrait style photo of your head and shoulders against a plain background. Avoid unnecessary distractions such as other people, pets or drinks. Don’t use logos.

Generally, people like to see a photo of the therapist they’ll be contacting.  A photo makes your entry look more professional and friendly and is likely to lead to more people clicking through. Keep it clear and simple to appeal to a wider audience.


Stand out from the crowd by describing your uniqueness

Another way to stand out from the crowd in the directory is to be very clear about your uniqueness. Many therapists struggle to describe how they are unique from another therapist, yet we all have personal experiences, knowledge and wisdom from our own lives that make us different and unique from others. These experiences are an important ingredient in what makes you different from other therapists. It can also be the make-or-break when a prospective client is deciding whether to contact you.

Don’t be shy. State clearly on your profile why you are unique and why that makes a difference to the client.

Add a special offer to boost conversion

Special offers are great for converting potential customers to real customers. Not enough businesses use them and so they can really make your business directory listing stand out. If you don’t already have a special offer then create one. If you have a long running special offer or a free service of any type then definitely include that.


Consider offering a free consultation to new clients

One of the easiest ways to connect with a prospective client is to offer a short, free consultation so that you can connect with the client and they can get a feel for you and the way you work.

By offering a free consultation through your profile, it’s much more likely that clients will contact you as you are offering them a low-risk way of connecting with you and finding out about your services. Once you speak to someone on the phone, the likelihood they will become your client is significantly increased as opposed to interacting through email.


Choose the right ‘Tags’ to describe your business

‘Tags’ are keywords that describe your business. Tags are useful for getting your business found via search and mean more potential customers will be able to find your business listing. Add as many tags as you can to cover all your services, products and locations. Use positive adjectives such as best, quality, professional, reliable, qualified etc…


Testimonials & reviews

Don’t simply treat your listing as a collection of contact details. Testimonials and reviews can help to demonstrate your business is not only professional but the right choice to prospective clients.

Use clear calls to action to get the results you want

This is such a simple concept, yet many therapists forget this in their marketing. Telling the reader what action you would like them to take makes a huge difference to the numbers of people that will take that action. And, research shows this again and again.

Be clear and concise in what action they should take. e.g. Call me for an appointment today or email me by clicking the button below.  These simple directives can make a big difference to the number of inquiries you get.


Stay fresh

It’s important for you to update your listing on a regular basis, providing fresh and unique content. A great way of doing this is linking your directory to your other social media accounts. Are you active on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Then let prospective clients know by embedding a stream to your profile.

Double check your listing

Take a few minutes to review your therapist directories listing and ask the following questions:

  • Are you reflecting the real you and the services you offer?
  • Is your photograph professional and friendly?
  • Do you give clients a reason to call you?
  • Do you communicate your services and approach clearly?
  • Have you reviewed your listing for errors before submitting?
  • Do you offer a free consultation?

If you are unsure about what to include, or if you need any help creating your listing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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