Therapeutic Massage Diploma

Therapeutic Massage Diploma

Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International)

This is a new award from MSCM which is designed to reflect your dedication to your training and skill development. Many of you continue with your massage education by attending CPD massage workshops and by doing so you will have become skilled therapists with a greater depth of knowledge and application. Specific skills can make your work more exciting and more beneficial to your clients. This encourages clients to stay with you as you tailor each treatment to them and their needs.

Diploma Details

There is no additional fee for the MSCM Therapeutic Massage Diploma. It will be awarded to those who have attained sufficient knowledge in key areas and is our way of acknowledging and recognising your commitment to your continued education. Many of you may have completed a number of the required modules in the past and you will not be required to repeat them.

The joy of this diploma is the flexibility – you choose which topics you wish to undertake and the order that you take them. There is only one category that is compulsory comprising of two foundation workshops. These are essential for you to have a comprehensive working knowledge of the fundamentals. To complete the requirements, you can make the choice of the techniques and deep tissue workshops that you are most interested in.

Diploma modules:

COMPULSORY MODULES – Underpinning knowledge

  • Skeletal Muscle – Form and Function (Formerly Magical Muscles)
  • Assessment and Palpation

TECHNIQUES – Choose a minimum of 2 from those listed below

  • Trigger and NMT
  • Stretching and MET
  • Hands Free Massage
  • Myofascia Release Foundation

DEEP TISSUE TECHNIQUES – Choose a minimum of 2 from those listed above

  • Deep Tissue for Shoulder and Arm
  • Deep Tissue for Back and Neck
  • Deep Tissue for Hip and Lower Limb
  • Frozen Shoulder


You will not be required to do any exams or case studies allowing you to use your new skills immediately after the courses.

Once you have completed the required 6 modules you will be awarded the MSCM Therapeutic Massage Diploma which you can display in your clinic or treatment room for clients to see. We believe that those who have developed their skills to the next level should have something to show for it.

Who Can Apply?

This diploma is designed for practitioners, qualified in any form of Body Massage Therapy, who have taken their massage to a higher level.

How to Book on

If you are interested in receiving this diploma please follow the steps below…

  1. Book online or call or email us to register your interest
  2. Inform us of any workshops from the list you have already completed with us 
  3. Choose your options 
  4. In your own time book onto your modules (you will also receive a certificate of attendance for each one)

When you have completed all 6 modules let us know and we will issue your MSCM Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

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