Heart Centred Crystal Meditation

There is a centre in the body where love and spirit are joined, and that centre is your heart. It is your heart that aches or fills with love, that feels compassion and trust, and that seems empty or overflowing. Our hearts also hold onto the energy of past traumas. So, we build walls to protect it. However, we don’t want our hearts to be numb in this sort of way.
The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is our energy point of love and compassion. Located physically just behind the heart area, this chakra can be incredibly powerful when used as a focus for meditation.
Meditation not only quiets our mind, it also expands our capacity for self-acceptance, love and compassion into our everyday life. Adding the use of crystals during meditation can serve as a powerful tool to enhance our practice.
By meditating on the Heart Chakra with the use of crystals, we are awakening our awareness to not only personal and physical forms of love, but Universal love and the acceptance of the true self. Getting centred in our hearts also releases tension that so often comes from a busy mind.
With a clean and open heart we can love everything and everyone around us more deeply. We can also receive love in a more natural and profound way – one with less fear and anxiety.
All are welcome to this beautiful meditation evening.  Suitable for all levels of experience. Ideal for absolute beginners and those who struggle to meditate alone.

Tutor – Lucy Bush
Venue – Mandara, 136 Vaughan Road, West Harrow, HA1 4ED

Open to anyone
Suitable for beginners
No previous knowledge required
Small class guaranteed
Mats to lie on will be provided, however please bring with you blankets and pillows to enhance your comfort whilst lying down.
You may choose to sit on a chair during the meditation rather than lie down if you wish

Book on-line or call 020-8429-2895
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