Heart Centred Crystal Healing Workshop

Heart Centred Crystal Healing Workshop

Open to all

There is a centre in the body where love and spirit are joined, and that centre is your heart. It is your heart that aches or fills with love, that feels compassion and trust, and that seems empty or overflowing. Our hearts also hold onto the energy of past traumas. So, we build walls to protect it. However, we don’t want our hearts to be numb in this sort of way.


With a clean and open heart we can love everything and everyone around us more deeply. We can also receive love in a more natural and profound way – one with less fear and anxiety.


The Heart Chakra is the centre of your feelings, the blessed place where love can awaken and blossom. An unbalanced Heart Chakra can affect your emotional life. When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, you start to feel alienated from the world around you, the people you love, and even from yourself. If the energy is low in your heart chakra, you feel lonely and depressed. Having an awakened and balanced heart chakra is incredibly important because the heart chakra is the balance point for your physical and energetic being.


Crystals can help bring peace, calm and upliftment and can aid the body to kick start into healing itself. Through resonance, and through working with specific crystals, you can effectively balance your heart chakra to heal past pain, wounds and traumas and to restore a radiant sense of love and well-being that can freely flow through all areas of your life. Meditating with Heart Chakra crystals, carrying and wearing them opens and balances the Heart Chakra.

What you can expect to experience:

  • Learn about the crystal energies and how they can work with the heart
  • Learn about heart centred crystals
  • How to use crystals to activate your heart chakra
  • Beautiful guided meditation to connect with the energies of the heart centred crystals

Who Can Attend?


This workshop is designed to help you use crystals for yourself, family, friends, clients and around your home.

  • Open to anyone
  • Suitable for beginners
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Small class guaranteed

More Information


Duration: 2.5 hours


Course fees include:

  • All class tuition
  • An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
  • 3 cpd points
  • Use of crystals during the class
  • Tea and coffee throughout the day


Tutor: Lucy Bush – see our MSCM Tutor Page

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Course Dates

August 2024 - Friday 9th August - 10am - 12.30pm

Cost: £40.00 (+VAT)

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