Ear Acupuncture

What is Ear Acupuncture?
Ear (Auricular) Acupuncture works on the ears. Ear acupuncture is a type of acupuncture that involves inserting needles into specific points on the ear. Stimulating these points is thought to promote healing in other areas of the body. The ear is considered a microcosm of the whole body and it can be treated through the ear.
Ear Acupucture is a component of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine used for over 5000 years. It is based on the principle that the human body works by being controlled by a life force energy called Qi (chee). Qi flows between the organs of the body along pathways called meridians.
Acupuncture works by stimulating these meridians, the muscles of the body and the sensory nerves under the skin to release the body’s natural chemicals and endorphins to help alleviate anxiety and pain.
Auricular acupuncture is used to help with the following?:
  • ­ Increased mental clarity & concentration
  •  Reduced anxiety, stress, frustration & anger
  • ­ Physical & emotional stability
  • ­ Increased energy
  • ­ Reduced body aches & pain
  •  Marked relaxation & feeling of wellbeing
  •  Improved sleep
Ear Acupuncture is known to be beneficial also for: (research based data)
  • ­ Menopause (hot flushes), PMS, fertility, hormone imbalances
  •  Headaches & migraines
  •  Food cravings
  • ­ Digestive problems & eating disorders
  • ­ Inflammatory conditions (arthritis, rheumatism, sinusitis)
  • ­ Detox & weight loss

Session Details

Join us for an interactive evening session where you can learn more about the therapy and have a treatment to experience for yourself how it works :
What to expect:
• Ear acupuncture is run as a group session with upto 10 people attending.
• The procedure consists of inserting fine, sterilised, solid needles into up to 5 specific points in the outer ear.
• It is painless and safe. The needles are very fine so most people hardly feel them going in.
• Once the needles are in you may feel a warmth or tingling in your ears.
• Treatment lasts for a maximum of 45 minutes.
• During this time you will be sit comfortably and go through a guided meditation.
• There is no need to undress.
• (Long hair needs to be pinned or pulled back).
• It is a quiet relaxing treatment, stimulating the body to heal itself and assists in rebuilding the physical and emotional self.
• Many feel calm and sleepy and people often fall asleep during a session.
This is a fantastic opportunity learn more about this amazing yet simple therapy and to try out and experience ear acupuncture for yourself from a qualified practitioner. Places will be limited so early booking advisable.

Who Can Attend

This workshop is open to anyone

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