Chakra Balancing Meditation

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Bring your energy body into complete harmony

Join us for a night of relaxation and restoration as you are guided through a healing Chakra Balancing Meditation.

For thousands of years, keeping the chakras in balance has been linked to maintaining mental and physical wellbeing. The chakras are important centres of energy that appear throughout your body. We have 7 main chakras that run along the length of the spine, from the base to the crown of the head. They work like gatekeepers for respective areas. Coined from the Sanskrit word that means wheel, chakras are tasked to keep everything in your body running smoothly.

Your body is a reflection of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It’s a vital part and expression of who you area. Imbalances within your chakras can lead to a variety of difficulties, such as fear, anxiety, difficulties sleeping, feeling insecure in the world, feeling stuck or lost, amongst others.

You may feel tired no matter how much you sleep you receive, have undesired patterns in your life, and feeling more negative than you care to.

It is so important to take the time to cleanse your energy by balancing and healing your chakras. Balancing the chakras can lead to greater sense of ease and happiness and allows us to let go of that which is perhaps clinging to us but no longer serves us.

Come and join us for a beautiful candle lit chakra meditation to relax you, mind, body and soul. This beautiful guided meditation for chakra balancing and healing will help clear your energy system leaving you feeling energized, calm and recharged. Use it to ground, release, soothe or to get clarity.

Venue – Mandara, 136 Vaughan Road, West Harrow, HA1 4ED

Open to anyone
Suitable for beginners
No previous knowledge required
Small class guaranteed
Mats to lie on will be provided, however please bring with you blankets and pillows to enhance your comfort whilst lying down.

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