Back Massage for Partners, Friends and Family

Back Massage for Partners, Friends and Family

Learn to give a good back massage from the experts

Ahh that’s lovely 😊

Do you know you’ve got great hands?

You should do massage!

Sound familiar?

We also heard phrases just like this from our friends and family before starting our massage journey a few years later. Now not only do we love massage so much, we have been part of the wellness journey of hundreds and hundreds of people over the years and we’d love nothing more than to pass on a few tips and techniques which will have your friends and family calling YOU for a lovely back massage.

The health benefits of a good massage are so overwhelmingly positive and we are seeing more and more people utilising complementary therapy in favour of traditional western medicine to deal with stress and generally feeling good.

So join us for this fun, interactive and informative afternoon as we learn Basic Back Massage for Partners, Friends and Family. Learn from an expert and wow your loved ones with the magic hands you will develop.

You’ll be surprised how popular you suddenly become!  😃

How is Back Massage for Partners, Friends and Family different from professional massage?

Professional massage courses are often part of a curriculum that leads to a massage qualification and include the study of anatomy and physiology whereas Massage For Partners, Friends And Family is designed to be a fun activity, an act of love and caring, a way to help people you care about, and a tool to improve your relationships.

  • It is easy and fun to learn.
  • There are no difficult techniques.
  • There is no difficult anatomical language

Aimed at the complete beginner and with no previous experience necessary, this practical course is open to everyone with an interest in massage.

Course Details

This course aims to introduce you to some basic massage principles and skills and to teach you a back-massage routine to use on partners, family or friends. The techniques for the back are demonstrated by the tutor and you are then partnered with another member of the group so that you can practice giving the massage sequences and then swapping to receive massage. All the massage is completed on massage tables using massage oil provided by MSCM. Due to the nature of the course, some undressing is required although modesty is preserved at all times.

During the course you will:
● Deliver and receive a massage
● Have a brief introduction to the techniques of massage
● Gain hands-on experience under supervision
● Have an understanding of the basic principles of massage
● Massage the head, neck, back and shoulders


  • This is not a course of alleviate medical problems, injuries or long term issues. You should seek medical help in these situations.
  • This is not a course to teach massage techniques to use in a professional capacity.
  • Please do NOT enrol if you are on medication or being treated for a medical condition by your doctor, or if you have a history of back or joint injuries, or there is any chance that you could be pregnant. You also need to ensure that you have no contagious conditions e.g. athletes foot.

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Course Dates

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All transfers are at the discretion of the school and would be subject to an administrative charge of £25.00 (+VAT)

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