Functional Movement and Active Fascial Release – A James Earls Masterclass

Functional Movement and Active Fascial Release – A James Earls Masterclass

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 Taking Your Massage Practice Deeper with Functional Movement and Active Fascial Release – a James Earls Masterclass

The fact that everything in the body is connected is not new to you. However, with a few simple movements you will build a clear picture of the direct interactions between one part and another ….

  • Why does foot function relate to hip or low back pain?
  • How does thoracic mobility affect shoulder mobility?
  • What can the neck do to assist the hip?

All of these questions and more will be explored to give you a four-dimensional picture of how the body really moves – and none of it will require a textbook (in fact, they are actively discouraged!).

Simple palpation and movement exercises will let you explore functional movement patterns on yourself and others and, as a result, they will build to a set of powerful hands-on techniques that you can implement in your clinic immediately.

The ‘Active Fascial Release’ (AFR) techniques that you learn will give you tools to work with your clients fully-clothed to help

  • assess them prior to a treatment,
  • help them integrate the benefits of your work after a treatment,
  • or they can form the entire treatment themselves.

What is AFR?

Fascia, the soft tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs, plays a crucial role in supporting the body. By learning to intelligently manipulate it, a bodyworker or therapist can help clients with many chronic conditions, providing immediate pain relief as well as reducing ongoing aches and pains.
James, a specialist structural integration practitioner and Anatomy Trains teacher developed and pioneered ‘Active Fascial Release’.  AFR blends his in-depth understanding of myofascial continuities and functional movement principles together with hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue to create a variety of therapeutic effects.

What makes ‘Active Fascial Release’ (AFR) special?

  • AFR is a new and exciting approach to bodywork
  • AFR techniques are versatile and effective and based on a blended understanding of functional and myofascial anatomy.
  • Active Fascial Release offers a functional and four-dimensional understanding of the body – an essential aspect of modern manual therapy.
  • AFR breaks the ties to and removes the limitations of the treatment table. It does this by bringing the client upright in gravity and into movement.

This one-day workshop will change the way you see and understand the body. By attending this day, it will change the way you work as a massage therapist. You will work with more ease, more accuracy and improved results.

Sign up for this informative and inspiring day now to ensure your spot! This is an exciting and enjoyable workshop delivered with clarity and with your practice in mind. You will have useful and usable skills by the end of the day.

Who Can Attend?

This Functional Movement and Active Fascial Release workshop is for practitioners, qualified in any form of Body Massage Therapy.

Qualification Recognition by Professional Associations

Widely accepted by most Professional Bodies.

If you are not already registered with a Professional Body and would like to do please check out the following:- ICGT, CtHA,FHT.

For stand alone insurance Balens

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Introducing Your Tutor:

James Earls

We are so fortunate and excited to be hosting the brilliant James Earls here at MSCM. James is an acclaimed author, lecturer and bodyworker specialising in Myofascial Release and Structural Integration.  In recent years he has concentrated on blending movement with manual therapy to create a new approach, ‘Active Fascial Release’.

Increasing the understanding and practice of manual therapy has been a passion of James’ since he first started practicing bodywork over 25 years ago. Throughout his career James has travelled widely to learn from the best educators in his field, such as, Thomas Myers, Art Riggs, and Gary Gray. James worked alongside Tom Myers to co-author “Fascial Release for Structural Balance”, a definitive guide to the assessment and manipulation of fascial patterns. His vision of what manual therapy could look like in the 21st century, led to the founding of Anatomy Trains UK and Ultimate Massage Solutions in the early 2000’s.

James is now concentrating on finding new approaches to understanding how to apply movement and myofascial principles to bodywork.

Having helped build the reputation of Anatomy Trains for Tom Myers through the UK, Europe and worldwide, James now teaches a range of his own courses. He is a regular lecturer at conferences and workshops around the globe. Renowned for his relaxed and humorous style, James is a popular presenter whose subject is applicable for a wide-ranging audience that includes not only osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists but also movement therapists.

James has collaborated with some of the top researchers in bodywork and fascial theory. He has been involved in a number of projects involving research into fascia, movement and treatment modalities. James’ blend of movement and fascial understanding led to the publication of his well-received “Born to Walk”, an introduction to the interconnected mechanics of the body.

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Course Dates

October 2021 - Sunday - 31st October 10am - 5pm

Cost: £100.00 (+VAT)

£20.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.
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