Gentle Healing Techniques for Therapists

1 There is no better person than Lucy for this workshop. It was a lovely day and I feel so much better now I have a better understanding of what I have been feeling during my reflexology treatments.
2 Simply amazing! Wish I'd done this years ago! - right from the start. Thank you so much. Lucy was incredible.
3 I actually sensed something during that last practical - wow!! Just brilliant. Love the tutor - so warm and reassuring. Wonderful experience. Every therapst should book on this day!
4 Lovely supportive atmosphere. I found the course both enjoyable and enlightening. Lucy was excellent at explaining/answering questions and created a very warm and relaxing environment.
5 Thank you again Lucy for yet another wonderful day. I learned so many new techniques and met other lovely ladies. Getting to feel very fond of Vaughan Road. Love your teaching style - relaxed and full of interesting information. xx
6 Wonderful teacher, really enjoyed the start of my energy discovery journey and have taken away tools I can see I will already be able to use in my practice - thank you
7 Really enjoyed the day. Lucy was a lovely tutor with great energy and allowed everyone to work at their own pace. Thank you. This was my first course with MSCM but will definiely be back for more :)
8 I said within the course I actually feel like someone understands the language I speak. My energy feels it has come home - A fantastic day! Fabulous tutor. hugs and love xox
9 What a lovely course,just what I needed - a course for me. Have learnt so much about how to use my energy, protect my energy and most of all support me so that I can support others. Thank you Lucy :)
10 A lovely course. Really informative and very useful. Thank you x
11 Lovely course, lovely energy, lovely group pf ladies and a wonderful tutor. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, Thank you xxx
12 Very informative, I have learnt a great deal today and will use this information/kmmwoing to better myself. Best Sunday!! I hope to do more energy courses with you.
13 It was great to have a day where a lot of the focus was on the therapist rather than the client. It was very gentle and conversational rather than sticking to a structured text - loved that. Practical session was great to give abd receive and get feedbck. Thank you Lucy- for sharing your passion.
14 A wonderful course and a lovely day - thank you so much x
15 I can now use this knowledge as part of my self healing and client care. Thank you Lucy
16 A huge thank you. There things that I was not aware of. I will apply. Thank you.