Intuitive Reflexology

1 Trusting what I feel has always been a block to me. Having done this amazing day I now feel confident and am ready and willing to listen and believe in my inner voice. Thank you Lucy for being so supportive and gentle with me
2 This is one workshop every reflexologist should go on!!! You can perfect all the skills in the world but until you work intuitively with clients the results won't be the same. Am blown away by what I experienced today. Wonderful to be guided in such a nurturing atmosphere. Thank you MSCM :)
3 Another lovely day with lovely Lucy - such a special day. Floating home now.
4 Loved the course, beautiful energy in the group. Lucy was a wonderful tutor. Loved the whole vibe! Thank you x
5 Would definitely recommend. Lucy is so lovely and radiating energy. Loved learning some different techniques and slowing down for emotional balance. Thank you
6 Loved the day. Lucy is fab, love her energy and just had a wonderful day of healing and learning. Thank you x
7 Lovely course, lovely treatment. Thank you Lucy. Extremely enjoyable
8 Loved today! Realised on one hand what I do intuitively already. On the other hand I learnt to work completely differently to I've ever tried before. It was so free and fun. Wonderful!
9 Lovely course. Can't wait to try it out. Thank you Lucy
10 This was such a lovely day. I feel like I've been on holiday on a spa break! I felt like I had permission to slow down and just take my time - nothing felt rushed. I lved all the tutor's insoghts and feel more confident in delivering a lovely holistic treatment to clients and patients. Thank you xx
11 Lucy is an amazing tutor!! After the course, I feel so relaxed and fulfilled with energy. I'll be taking the reflexology course soon. Thank you so much.
12 Always amazing to come on a course run by Lucy who shares her skills and knowledge so freely and with lots of love. I always leave motivated to share my new found skills. :)
13 Always a pleasure to be part of Lucy's courses. Very well thought out and informative.