Hot Stone Massage

1 Fantastic course - one of my favourites. I can't wait to purchase my stones and start offering this treatment. Thank you MSCM
2 I have had a lovely day. I now feel confident to go away and do some hot stone massaging. My clients are going to love me :)
3 Excellent course. Great addition for already qualified therapists. This is a most enjoyable treatment - so relaxing and perfect for those cold evenings. Thank you
4 Dreamy, comforting, relaxing -what a day! Cannot wait to offer this to my clients - they are going to adore me :)
5 Excellent as always. I'm so glad to learn this skill.
6 Amazing day. Didn't realise how effective Hot Stone Massage is until today
7 I loved this CPD in hot stones because we were allowed to use our learned and practice techniques rather than follow a script. Top Notch. Many thanks Anita :)
8 Great course, great tutor, great content, great energy! Thanks!