Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage Course

1 This course is just brilliant. It has taken me to a new level. I no longer feel like a beginner and am itching to use the new techniques. Thank you MSCM - thank you Anita
2 Very pleased with the moves taught. I feel they will greatly enhance my treatments for the benefit of my clients.
3 I cannot praise Anita enough for the delivery of this course. She makes it interesting and relevant to each course participant. Wonderful tuition.
4 Great to find alternative techniques that are not heavy or requiring tool like aids.
5 As a massage therapist if I had to pick one course - this would be it. Learnt so much in 2 days and feel fully confident to go away and apply the knowledge and my new skills. Thank you MSCM and Anita
6 Good old fashioned no nonsense training! Hands on - practical- well explained - fun AND so so useful. All demonstared, practiced and experienced in class. 10/10. My advise - go do it!!