Massage Refresher

1 Amazing! I was very nervous before coming but Anita made me feel safe and welcome from the start. I now feel confient to start massaging again. Thank you
2 Really happy - would recommend this course to gain confidence to anyone who wants to reconnect with massage again.
3 Very welcoming tutor - easy going, made me feel at ease and smiling from the very start. Very knowledgable and put everything across in a good technical way but still understandable. Anita has hlped me feel excited about massage again. Wish the course had been longer - loved it - thank you.
4 Fabulous for bringing back confirdence and inspiration to get back into this industry. Thank you Anita - great teacher as always.
5 Wasn't sure what to expect - was a little apprehensive as I had trained elsewhere. I couldn't have been more wrong. I was made to feel at ease right away. Not only did I refresh but I learnt so much during the two days. I so wish I had trained with MSCM right from the start but thankful I have had this opportunity. I will be back for more - Happy Customer :)
6 Excellent, just what I needed. Lots of useful new techniques. A lovely day.
7 Anita excels at delivering training in a cheerful atmosphere. So glad to come back every time.
8 I so enjoyed the course! It was well worth the money & the journey. I feel excited about my future in massage & much more confident! Thank you!
9 Really fabulous, informative and practical, confidence-boosting course to restart my massage work.
10 Has regenerated my enthusiasm for massage and given me confidence to go ahead and do more; try out/apply techniques etc. Glad I took the plunge!
11 Excellent course and content and feel ready to get going on my new career.
12 Always a pleasure to see Anita Snowball - she is always an inspiration and a joy to be with! Thank you
13 Absolutely loved everything - content, material, course tutor. Can't wait to get started!
14 Excellent course & tutorage - plenty of hands-on with right balance of conversation and notes. Thank you! x
15 Really enjoyed course. Excellent