Reflexology Diploma

1 I have really enjoyed this course. Anita is an amazing tutor, she is very encouraging and supportive, Doing this course has been good for my mental wellbeing. I feel like a new person and I am so excited about becoming a qualified reflexologust.
2 The only course I have ever done that I liked! Lucy has been a fantastic teacher and guide. Thank you for starting me on my journey to a new career that will allow me to be with my family.
3 I would like to say a big Thank You to everyone at MSCM. I have wanted to study reflexology for so long and have finally done it!! What’s more, the people I have practised on have been really impressed.
4 Absolutely fabulous - Lucy was brilliant and showed great support and reassured me when I began to doubt myself. I wouldn't study anywhere else - what a caring college full of lovely people
5 An inspirational learning experience.
6 I have really enjioyed this course. Lucy has been amazing. It's been a pleasure to work with someone so passionate. As ever, MSCM's training has been really thorough and your support helpful. I feel prepared for the exam and future practice.
7 The college and its tutors expect high standards and teach to enable us to reach these heights...(more)
8 wow, wow, wow - :) Loved it. Not quite sure how I will live without Wenzels?? Thoroughly enjoyable - informative at every stage. Great day to finish course on my wedding anniversary - lol. My time in life is now! Thank you for the journey. xxx
9 I am looking forward to my next course with Lucy. Fantastic tutor. Loved every single minute with her and the class. Thank you xx
10 I've loved every minute of this course and always look forward to the classes. Lucy is a wonderful tutor and I'm looking forward to extending my knowledge in Reflexology with some more courses.
11 I am so lucky to meet our tutor Lucy. Wonderful teacher, mentor, always happy to give us advice and information whenever needed. Thank you very much for everything
12 Lucy has been absolutely brilliant both as a teacher and spiritual mentor. I cannot thank her enough for her amazing energy and beautiful soul that helped me in the course.
13 Lucy is a star! Taking this course has been an absolute dream and I am so blessed to have experienced it. Thank you :) xx
14 Felt supported throughout and in between course dates, always felt I could reach out for advice or further support. Thank you Lucy - thank you MSCM