Gua Sha Facial Massage

1 Anita was wonderful! She's very knowledgeable, welcoming and fun to be around. I learned a lot and enjoyed the class.
2 Just loved this day workshop. My face feels incredible - so soft and smooth. This is going to really add to my repertoire - thank you
3 It took some time to feel comfortable using tools on the face but when I saw the results couldn't believe it. I just want to get home and practice so I can ut it to good use - AMAZING!
4 Wish I'd done this years ago! Thanks for a wonderful workshop - I'll be back for more :)
5 Simply wonderful - blown away with these techniques. Anita was wonderful - so funny and so patient with us while we learnt how to master it. thank you so much
6 Thank you MSCM. Plenty of practical. Really enjoyable day! Left feeling confident and raring to go.
7 All good. Great instructor. Great intro to the various tools for use on the face.
8 Fabulous teaching, Fabulous course. Fabulous people. All amazing. See you soon.
9 A delightfully enjoyable course. Getting to use the tools and knowing how each feels on the body was great learning. I had a fab day here.
10 Amazing day learning massage techniques for relaxing massages and natural facial lift. Thanks so much!
11 Great pace, informative, friendly lovely group and fab tutor. Thanks for my spoon :)
12 Loved the course. Extra lymph material fantastic and very useful- thank you!
13 Absolutely fantastic, wonderful teacher, fab class and amazing massage :). I cannot wait to practice.
14 I had a lovely day. Learnt lots and gained confidence in my skills. Thank you Anita
15 Been at least 6 years since I have done a course with MSCM. Great as always. Good course. Will be back !!
16 A really relaxing and informative course which I feel will be a great addition to my treatment. So enjoyable to give + receive.
17 As always, a great learning experience and a great treat! Extremely happy to drive 2.5 hours and back to attend such great tuition :)
18 I really enjoyed the course and the hands-on learning. Can't wait to use it for clients!
19 Fantastic course & friendly atmosphere. All resources were very clear. I will definitely be booking other courses.
20 Offline course is a good way for therapists not just only to get knowledge and learn techniques but get feel what the clients feel when you massage them.
21 Brilliant course! Anita was a fantastic tutor and I feel I've come away with some versatile new skills. Thank you!
22 Always a great experience. Anita was fab as always. Learnt so much.
23 Absolutely loved this course! Thank you :)
24 Lovely course