Morgane Le Cleuyou

Morgane Le Cleuyou

I help you find and strengthen the resources you already hold within yourself to empower you towards achieving your goals. Together, using the techniques I trained in, we will work on the blockages that hold you back from fully being yourself and enjoying your life to the fullest.


My therapeutic practice relies on an innovative approach which integrates different powerful tools (EFT, NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis and hypno-CBT) and concretely focuses on the goal you want to achieve: overcoming a phobia, preparing for an exam, a presentation or a job interview, quitting smoking, biting your nails, conquering your anxiety or more generally gaining serenity and improving your well-being.
These therapeutic tools can be used as stand-alone approaches or combined, be it during a session or all through our work together, this adaptability allows me to offer you a truly personalized and targeted support.

These are some of the issues these tools are particularly useful for:

– Self-esteem related issues: low self-esteem, anxiety when speaking in public, social withdrawal, difficulties in developing relationships
– Stress, anxiety and panic management
– Phobias and debilitating fears
– Post traumatic stress syndrome
– Panic triggered by change, reluctance to change
– Eating disorders
– Body image issues
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– Somatic and chronic pain
– Sleep disorders, insomnia
– Support to children: learning difficulties, confidence in their abilities, school related fears and phobias, night terrors.


Several years of working with children and young people taught me the importance of a pragmatic approach oriented towards finding solutions. Now fully focused on personal fulfilment, I apply this principle to my therapeutic practice, offering the women, children and teenagers I work with a safe space for introspection, acceptation and personal growth.

Fascinated by the functioning of the human brain, over the years I have expanded my “toolbox” by drawing on my personal experience of introspection, my professional career with children and the individual support I give to each person who places their trust in me.

Experienced, caring and considerate therapist dedicated to her clients’ progress towards wellbeing and emotional freedom

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