1. Students are required to abide by the schoolís Code of Ethics at all times.
  2. Students will be required to attend at least 80% of the certificated course sessions.
  3. Students will be required to wear whites and to have access to a suitable treatment couch while undergoing clinical bodywork training.
  4. No student may subsequently utilise course material by infringing the Tutorís copyright either before or after qualifying. Course material may not be reproduced in anyway except with the explicit written agreement of the School Principal.
  5. The School reserves its rights at all times to make changes to course material, dates and locations of training and examination dates.
  6. Enrolment will only be accepted upon completion and return of the booking forms together with the appropriate remittance.
  7. Failure to pay the fees on time may result in the student being excluded from further attendance at the School.
  8. The School reserves the right to refund fees and terminate the course for anyone they deem unsuitable for any reason.
  9. In the case of School cancellation of a course all monies will be refunded in full.
  10. In the case of student cancellation, deposits and part payments of course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. For transfers an administration fee of £25.00 (+VAT) is due.


  1. Members of the School shall hold a current Malpractice and Public Liability Insurance Cover. (Available from the Guild of Professional Practitioners).
  2. Members of the School shall conduct themselves in a professional and dignified manner at all times.
  3. Treatments should only be carried out after a thorough examination and with the full consent of the patient. In the case of minors, parents or guardians must be present throughout the treatment procedure.
  4. Students attending professional courses shall not set themselves up as practitioners until they have attained the appropriate qualifications.
  5. The premises of practice shall be maintained in a hygienic condition and with regard to the safety of all persons entering therein.

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