MSCM Courses and Workshops
Professional Complementary Therapy ITEC Courses
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
Massage Diploma
The Ultimate All-Inclusive Massage Diploma
Reflexology Diploma
The Ultimate All-Inclusive Reflexology Diploma
Aromatherapy Diploma
Diet & Nutrition Diploma For Complementary Therapists
Diet and Nutrition Home Study Course for Complementary Therapists
Indian Head Massage ITEC Award
ITEC Business Modules Home Study Course
Anatomy and Musculo-Skeletal CPD courses/workshops
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Refresher Course
Understanding Disease
Skeletal Muscle - Form and Function
Science of the Skin
Massage CPD Courses and Workshops
Massage for Cancer Care
A James Earls Masterclass -Taking Your Massage Practice Deeper with Functional Movement and Active Fascial Release
Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma
Massage for Pregnancy
Massage Foundation Course
Massage Refresher Course
Indian Head Massage
Hands-free Massage
The MSCM Deluxe Massage Therapy Routine
Trigger Point Therapy including European Neuromuscular Technique
Effective Stretching Incorporating Muscle Energy Techniques
Myofascial Release - Foundation Course
Soft Tissue Release
Deep Tissue Massage - Foundation Course
Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Shoulder and Arm
Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Back and Neck
Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Hip and Lower Limbs
Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
Massage Therapy for Headaches, Migraine and Sinusitis
Massage Therapy for Sciatic Pain & Piriformis Syndrome
Massage Therapy for RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow
Massage Therapy for Frozen Shoulder and Related Conditions
Abdominal Massage
Massage for the Elderly and Infirmed
Massage for the Arthritis and Degenerative Diseases
Lymphatic Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Baby Massage Instructors Certificate
The Ultimate Organic Facial Diploma
Natural Face Lift Massage
Warm Bamboo Massage
On-Site Chair Massage
Thai Foot Massage
Kinesiology Taping
Reflexology CPD Courses and Workshops
Reflexology for Cancer Care
Oncology Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
Reflexology for Pregnancy
Facial Reflexology Techniques
Facial Reflexology Techniques Part II
Reflexology for Fertility
Reflexology for Digestive Health
Reflexology for Spinal Health
Reflexology for Female Conditions
Reflexology Techniques for Babies
Reflexology for Babies Instructors Course
Reflexology for the Elderly and Infirmed
Hand Reflexology
Effective Consultations and Foot Analysis
Crystal Reflexology
Hot Stone Reflexology
Aromatherapy CPD Courses and Workshops
Aromatherapy in Cancer Care
The Ultimate Aromatherapy Refresher Course
Aromatic Chemistry
Mastering the Art and Science of Aromatherapy Blending
Aromatherapy Botany Workshop and Field Trip to Kew Gardens
Aromatherapy Massage Techniques Masterclass
Aromatherapy Remedies and Non-Massage Applications Course
Aromatherapy for Dermatological Conditions
Aromatherapy for Headaches, Migraines and Sinusitis
Aromatherapy for Pain Management
Aromatherapy for Arthritis and Rheumatic Conditions
Aromatherapy for Respiratory and Infectious Diseases
Natural Products Courses and Workshops
Diploma in the Development of Organic Phyto-Skincare Cosmetics
Essential Oils Study for Non-Aromatherapists
Creating an Effective Brand for your Natural Products
Understanding the legalities of selling Natural Products to the General Public
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Small Cosmetic Making Business Made Simple
The Art of Soap Making
The Art of Candle Making
Therapeutic Uses of Carrier Oils
Foundation Course in Botanical Perfumery
General CPD workshops
Diet and Nutrition non-certificate course
Emergency First Aid Certificate
Ear Candling Certificate
Oriental Facial Diagnosis
Gentle Healing Techniques for Therapists
Introduction to Craniosacral Techniques
Business Development Workshops
Marketing Masterclass for Therapists
Succeeding in the Workplace - How to Attract Corporate Clients
Running Successful Workshops - A Masterclass for Therapists
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FREE Taster workshop in Massage and Reflexology
Discover the Joy of Aromatherapy - Taster Day
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Aromatic Tour of Kerala and Tamil Nadu Information Meeting