Massage Diploma
International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) – RQF LEVEL 3

Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International)

Recognised by CThA (Embody) and APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists)

The entry requirement for this Massage Diploma course is the successful completion of the Anatomy & Physiology Course or previous relevant qualification in Anatomy & Physiology. You are able to book your place and start this course before you have the results of your Anatomy and Physiology exam. Open to Physiotherapists.

Becoming a massage therapist is an exciting, fun, and rewarding challenge in which you will experience life changing personal growth while creating a great career for yourself helping and caring for others. Today, there are more opportunities for massage therapists than ever before, including: sports massage, clinical massage, corporate massage, private practice, the medical field, baby and infant massage, Indian head massage, health centres, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, spas, health clubs and even cruise ships. No matter which field you choose, the possibilities are endless.

If you`re serious about getting your dream job, this MSCM massage course can help make it happen! Delivered by dedicated and experienced teaching staff, this course prepares you to become a successful practicing bodyworker. The course content exceeds standards set by national certification and teaches the art and science of massage therapy, while also teaching sound business practices which prepare students for success in the marketplace.

The profession of massage therapy richly deserves the recognition and respect that it is gaining through National Certification, improved legislation, research, implementation into medical plans and increased acceptance by related professions and industries. As more people seek to improve their health and as massage therapists broaden their efforts to educate the public about the health benefits of massage therapy, the demand for highly qualified practitioners will continue to grow.

The world can be a stressful place. Most of us feel like we’re living at the speed of light, running here, there, and everywhere. And to top it off, because of life’s pace, a lot of us have chronic pain, tight shoulders, aching necks and tired lower backs. And we seem to get sick more than we used to. As a Massage Therapist, you can help others overcome chronic pain, recover from injuries and illness, reduce stress, promote well-being and a higher quality of life, and just plain help them feel better.

Massage is a healing art as well as a science. It requires a balance of academic and technical knowledge, clinical skills, manual dexterity, sensitivity, and awareness. Nearly everyone has the innate resources to touch another with care and confidence. However, it takes a sincere desire to help others, along with a commitment to the time, energy, and focus necessary for the training process in order to become a solid practitioner.

Now is an exciting time in the field of massage therapy, which is expanding like never before. The public’s use of massage as a healthcare option has tripled in the last decade, which in turn has caused a tremendous increase in the demand for therapists.


The course consists of in-house training & assessment together with tutorials, student testing, supervised Massage practice and supervised home study, which includes 36 massage treatments made up of 16 Case Studies and 20 evidence treatments to be submitted to ITEC. All lectures are supported with course notes, overheads, anatomical charts and teaching aids such as skeletal models. We will also give you details of other learning resources such as useful websites and books.

The course is primarily practical in content and you will be required to have access to a Massage Couch and appropriate workwear (white polo shirt, navy trousers and black shoes) during the course. If you are proposing to enrol on this massage course, please be aware that there are some additional costs involved for the purchase of necessary equipment, such as couch covers, massage oil and holster and so on. Student insurance is also mandatory for this course and is available through the IPTI or CThA or APNT and other Industry Associations who recognise ITEC qualifications. Full details will be sent to you with your joining details. If you would like further information before booking, please contact us on 0208-429-2895.

The course will cover the following subjects:

  • History of massage
  • Theory of massage
  • Philosophy of massage
  • Palpatory techniques
  • 6 classical massage movements
  • Connecting and completing strokes
  • A full body massage routine using oils
  • Physiological & psychological effects of massage
  • Contra-indications to massage
  • How to develop a holistic and intuitive approach
  • Working with an awareness of pacing, fluidity, continuity and rhythm
  • Sensitivity, adaptability and creativity in applying techniques
  • Working at a range of depths and pressures
  • How to look after yourself and your posture as a therapist
  • The use of preparatory exercises to centre and ground yourself
  • Carrier oils and their properties
  • Appropriate conditions for massage:
    Temperature Décor Ventilation Privacy hygiene

  • Patient care and modesty
  • Towel management and supports
  • Consultations & patient note taking
  • Effective listening and communication skills
  • Awareness of non-verbal signals
  • After-care advice
  • Self-massage skills for clients
  • Relaxation, breathing and stress management
  • Holistic approach
  • Professionalism & ethics
  • Health & safety
  • Professional associations
  • Hygiene
  • Basic first aid
  • An introduction to other natural therapies


During the course we will prepare you for your final exam and will conclude the course with a mock examination from which we will be able to offer you guidance. Upon satisfactory completion of this mock examination, you will be eligible to sit the ITEC Diploma in Massage QCF Level 3 examination which comprises coursework, case studies and a practical examination with an external ITEC examiner.

PLEASE NOTE:- New Therapists – If you don’t already hold a recognised therapy qualification you will also need to complete the assignments for the ITEC Business Modules in order to take your Massage Exam. (For further details see ITEC Business Modules)


Once qualified, you will be awarded an ITEC Diploma in Massage – a fully accredited, level 3 diploma linked to National Occupational Standards. ITEC qualifications are recognised nationally and internationally - UK, Ireland, Australia, Greece, South East Asia but to name a few. Successful completion of this diploma course will also provide you with the title of "Massage Therapist", and the knowledge and techniques needed to give a treatment. Practitioner professional liability insurance is also available upon successful completion of the course.


The ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage is one of the best recognised complementary therapy qualifications in the UK and across a range of countries.It is widely accepted by most Professional Bodies including:
o IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International)
o CThA (Complementary Therapists Association)
o APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists)
o FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists)

Tracey Quirke: You might surprise yourself. You just do not realise what you are capable of with the right guidance of MSCM
Helen Quinlan: Really good course, excellent tutor. Would recommend the course to other people wanting to learn massage.
Nicola Moreton: I had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed the course. I cannot believe how much I have learned in what feels like a short time.
John Szabo
I’ll be back!!!!


Massage is one of the most useful therapies you can train in as it leads the way to so many more options, such as: aromatherapy, sports massage, remedial massage, baby massage, oncology massage and pregnancy massage. If you would like to receive our most upto date prospectus with details of our courses and workshops please email us at

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Course fees include:

all class tuition
a comprehensive course manual
initial mock examination fees

Course details

Jan-March 2019 - 6 Wednesdays - 10am-5pm16 Jan 19, 23 Jan 19, 6 Feb 19, 13 Feb 19, 6 Mar 19, 13 Mar 19

Cost: £395.00 (+VAT)

£75.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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Mar-Jun 2019 - 6 weekend days-10am-5pm10 Mar 19, 24 Mar 19, 14 Apr 19, 5 May 19, 26 May 19, 16 Jun 19

Cost: £395.00 (+VAT)

£75.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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June-Sep 2019 - Intensive-6 days-10am-5pm15 Jun 19, 29 Jun 19, 13 Jul 19, 14 Jul 19, 28 Jul 19, 7 Sep 19

Cost: £395.00 (+VAT)

£75.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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Oct-Dec 2019 - 6 weekend days-10am-5pm6 Oct 19, 26 Oct 19, 9 Nov 19, 10 Nov 19, 15 Dec 19, 18 Jan 20

Cost: £395.00 (+VAT)

£75.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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ITEC Exam Fees: Massage Diploma - £95.00 (+VAT) Payable prior to course commencement. Includes: o Exam registration o Practical assessment by external examiner o Marking of assignments o Marking of case studies o Issue of Diploma certificate o Postage of certificate by Registered Post

If you would like to pay the balance by easy payment plan please enquire when booking.

Please note - all deposits and course fees are non-refundable.
All transfers are at the discretion of the school and would be subject to an administrative charge of £25.00 (+VAT)