The Ultimate Organic Facial Diploma
Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International) and widely accepted by most Professional Bodies

Open to massage therapists/aromatherapists who enjoy facial work and are passionate about natural and organic skin care regimens.

Looking young and beautiful seems to have been and still is a constant on everyone’s agenda. Since the ancient times women (and some men too, e.g. Japanese kabuki actors) were always on the lookout for ‘magic wand’ skincare products and ingredients. History tells us that various materials have been used (and still are) in skin treatments over the centuries – in fact, 17th century Japanese ‘Uguisu no fun’ (bird’s excrement facial) is actually experiencing a great popularity at the moment!

If you are passionate about skincare and are not afraid to crush, smash, blend, mix (and wash up the dishes!) this course is for you.

A good facial can do a lot for our skin. It can stimulate skin’s renewal process, slow down aging, rehydrate, plump up and reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and repair damaged skin cells without any injections… A good facial (in combination with healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen) can even slowly change the biological structure of the skin!

Unfortunately, a quick look around the high street reveals that a truly good facial is not available. Admittedly, there is a plethora of miracle promising new equipment being used (e.g. micro-current electric stimulation, etc.) but what about the actual products? Unless you are able to spend an equivalent of your weekly wages for a one off treatment the choices are rather unimpressive, nothing but the ‘main stream’ or pseudo-natural chemical-laden offerings… So much more can be used and done!

As everyone’s skin type and preferences are different the best approach to facial treatment would be to customise it to the client’s needs! And guess what? There are truly natural and organic ingredients out there that you can blend yourself and use with amazing outcomes.

Topics covered during this 6-day Diploma course include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology relating to the face and neck
  • The study of the skin – on-line study module
  • Study of the common skin pathologies – causes, symptoms
  • Consultation and skin analysis skills
  • Selection of unique facial massage techniques such as Ayurvedic marma points massage and ‘face-lift massage’. These are not taught as stand-alone treatments – only selected techniques will be shown. Further training is recommended in these areas for tho
  • Facial exercises and self-lymphatic drainage – techniques for you and for the client
  • Understanding the types of facial products – their functions and uses – as well as their ingredients (from the fashionable and beneficial to the disagreeable and even dangerous and not to mention…ageing)
  • Learning about smart ‘hot’ and anti-aging ingredients – their benefits and how to incorporate them into your Ultimate Organic facial treatments. (incl clays, raw fruits, peptides, hyaluronic acid) – from unique masks to secret massage oil ingredients
  • Creating products for the bespoke facial treatments:
    Alcohol-free toners and cleansers Clever buffs and safe & effective peels Unique mask blends – super clever ingredients - from edible to high tech! Effective massage oils – selecting fixed oils for their superior skin repairing qualities Bespoke finishing moisturizer

  • Carrying out a perfect customised Ultimate Organic Facial treatment - a step-by-step ‘how to’ – tools, methods and logistics.
  • LOTS of recipes

  • And lots more!

Please note – as this course is open to massage therapists who may not be qualified in aromatherapy it will not cover the use of essential oils. However, a well-trained aromatherapist should be able to incorporate suitable essential oils for that extra ‘twist’!

There is no formal examination but to complete the course you will be required to successfully complete a number of assignments, mini tests and case studies.

Course fees include:

In-class tuition
A comprehensive course manual
An MSCM Organic Facial Diploma
30 cpd points

Course details