Lymphatic Massage
Validated by IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International)

5 cpd points

Open to qualified massage therapists

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in the body`s ability to heal from injury and ward off disease. It is essential to the body`s drainage system for cleansing and filtering out toxins and bacteria.
As massage therapists we are working constantly on the lymphatic system but how many therapists truly understand the effects of our actions? By adapting our techniques and understanding the lymphatic system and lymphatic massage we are able to transform our treatments.
Lymphatic massage is a light delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, thus improving the metabolism, assisting the body to eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system.

During this workshop we will develop an understanding of the

  • history and development of lymphatic massage
  • review the anatomy of the lymphatic system
  • functions of the lymphatic system
  • massage techniques to boost the lymphatic system
  • benefits and effects
  • contra-indications

A useful and highly effective additional skill for any professional massage therapist who is serious about his/her work. Never underestimate the benefits of lymphatic massage.

Course fees include:

A comprehensive set of notes
A certificate of attendance for your professional portfolio
5 cpd points

Course details


1 day (10.00am - 5.00pm)

Friday (10am-5pm)5 Apr 19

Cost: £95.00 (+VAT)

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Wednesday (10am-5pm)23 Oct 19

Cost: £95.00 (+VAT)

Payable in full on booking

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