Aromatherapy Botany Workshop and Field Trip to Kew Gardens
Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International) and widely accepted by most Professional Bodies

10 cpd points

Open to qualified and student aromatherapists


Botany is defined as the scientific study of plants; that is, in basic terms, understanding how a plant is structured and its ecological relationship to both the environment and its interactions with other plants and organisms. Botany is a broad, and complicated, area of study, yet having a basic knowledge of botany can help greatly with understanding the study of aromatherapy.
During the first part of the course we will cover:
- Why plants produce essential and fixed oils
- The secret life of plants - photosynthesis, primary and secondary metabolism and its relevance to aromatherapy
- How oils are stored in plants – different structures dedicated to oil storage in plants.
- Through the peeping hole – plant tissues under the professional microscope - Seeing is believing!
- How do we know it is a plant? (plant cell vs animal cell)
- Plant anatomy, physiology and sex life – angiosperms and gymnosperms
- Plant classification – the past and the present - Carl Linneaus and binominal system
- Do we really need the ‘fancy’ Latin names? Oh, yes, we do!
- Who is who in the world of plants – meet botanical plant families.
- Chemotypes
- In search of the oils - seeds, rhizomes, flowers, etc
- General therapeutic properties of the essential oils of each botanical family
- And more


The second part of this course is spent at the wonderful Kew Gardens where you will have an opportunity to see and touch the real herbs, allowing you to have a first hand experience of the aromatic plants in a natural environment. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is one of the world`s leading botanic gardens and during the day you will benefit from a number of carefully planned practical exercises (for essential oils and fixed oils) which will include:

- Botanical families and oils of the various climatic zones and continents – ‘around the world trip’ through different parts of Kew – in search of common and uncommon

- The climatic zones, regions and geographical (country) origins of relevant essential oils
- Physical characteristics of relevant botanical families
- Recognising the botanical families, mono- and di-cotyledons
- Meeting plants up and close - Through the magnifying glass
- A chance to take your own photos of plants for your essential oils bible/file
- The endangered species of the aromatherapy world
- Lunch at the Orangery or picnic (bring/buy your own)
- Q &A and stretching legs with all-important tea and a ‘compulsory’ cake ;))

This unique and fascinating course is a ‘must’ for any serious aromatherapist. This is the course where the penny drops! There is nothing as powerful as seeing the oils in their natural state - this transition from textbook aromatherapy to the ‘real thing’ is when it all starts to make sense.

Course fees include:

All class tuition
A comprehensive course manual
An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
10 cpd points
Entrance to Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Course details


2 days (10am-5pm)

Saturday/Sunday (10am-5pm)8 Sep 18, 9 Sep 18

Cost: £195.00 (+VAT)

£50.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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Saturday/Sunday (10am-5pm)7 Sep 19, 8 Sep 19

Cost: £195.00 (+VAT)

£50.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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