Aromatic Chemistry
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5cpd points

This one-day workshop is designed as an advanced workshop open to qualified and student aromatherapists.

Did you know that the last two decades brought to the field of aromatherapy many fantastic scientific discoveries? Aromatherapy of the 21st century is more credible than ever!
But in the world we live and work in aromatherapy must be more than beneficial… It needs to stay safe to thrive!

There is a lot of scientific research being carried out as we speak. Some tests confirm what was known all along, some explain why we might have reasons for concern. So bring your knowledge up to date and make your practice safer than ever by joining us for the day!

This special and unique workshop gives you a fascinating insight into the chemistry of essential oils – how and why it matters to professional aromatherapists and you will find yourself more confident in your understanding and application of essential oil

  • Methods of extraction of essential oils and fixed oils
  • Physical characteristics of fixed and essential oils
  • The difference between essential oils, absolutes and extracts – what they are and how to use them (or not)
  • Basic terminology – atom, chemical element, molecule, chemical compound, carbon chains, bond, etc
  • Types/groups of chemical constituents common in essential oils – terpenes, alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, etc – how do I know what is what?
  • Why is chemistry important? – contraindications, precautions and therapeutic effects for each group of chemical constituents and how it affects the practice of aromatherapy
  • The theory of isoprene units
  • Adulteration and the quality of fixed and essential oils – methods of quality control
  • Lots of smelling
  • and more!!!

Gone are the days when aromatherapists struggled to learn the chemistry of essential oils just to pass their exams! This workshop makes it ‘real’ and ‘relevant’. The knowledge and understanding you will acquire will help it all make sense and will give you the edge you’ve been missing!

Course fees include:

All class tuition
A comprehensive course manual
An MSCM Certificate of Attendance for your professional portfolio
5 cpd points

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