The MSCM Deluxe Massage Therapy Routine
Validated by IPTI - (Independent Professional Therapists International)

10 cpd points

This workshop is designed for practitioners, qualified in any form of Body Massage Therapy.

This unique two-day workshop is perfect for all newly qualified or practicing massage therapists interested in increasing their skills and eager to deliver the ultimate wow massage experience for every client.

To help you provide wonderful, luxurious and highly professional massages consistently and with ease, we have created an exclusive signature massage routine incorporating the most current and in-demand massage techniques which go beyond standard Swedish Massage.

With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, we have acquired a highly developed understanding of how certain techniques affect corresponding tissues, translating to the creation of massage routines that are powerful and highly effective. The massage routine you will learn has been crafted from our passion for the therapy, as well as education and experience.

This routine combines attributes of both the full body relaxation massage, as well as the more intense deep-tissue massage. The focus of this massage is to address client needs in a manner that provides overall relaxation and healing, as well as targeted tension relief on problem areas. Different techniques are woven together during the massage creating a tailored and effective treatment.

During this course you can expect to learn highly developed and advanced skills and techniques not taught in basic massage routine. The training you will receive will also focus on the best use of body and hand mechanics including the precision and exactness of the techniques and the steps in the routine, with correct hand placements at the appropriate time with the right intention.

You will be able to use this special massage routine to help ground your clients into a body that is free from fascial restrictions created from physical and mental tension. The routine employs deep, compressive techniques that soften adhesions and muscle fibrosis, reducing the activity of myofascial trigger points, increasing the mobility of connective tissue and joints, and improving posture. We have developed a revitalising and rejuvenating massage designed to loosen blockages, relieve stress and energize the body. The routine is also designed to quiet the mind and to get the receiver in touch with their own inner healing rhythms. Gentle, energy-based techniques, coupled with guided imagery, induce a meditative state where excessive internal ‘noise` is quieted and a sense of inner balance and harmony is attained.

This unique 2-day course will help you to stand out as a therapist, expand your skills, upgrade the quality of your work, enable you to be more creative and precise, and make your work more interesting and effective.

Once you have learnt this routine you will ensure your client`s expectations are not only met but exceeded as you NURTURE, SUPPORT, RESTORE.

The workshop will be largely practical in content and you will be required to wear appropriate clinic workwear for the duration of the course.

Course fees include:

All course tuition
A certificate of attendance
10 cpd points

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2 days (10.00am - 5.00pm)

Friday (10am-5pm)11 Oct 19, 18 Oct 19

Cost: £185.00 (+VAT)

£50.00 (+VAT) deposit, payable on booking.

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Please note - all deposits and course fees are non-refundable.
All transfers are at the discretion of the school and would be subject to an administrative charge of £25.00 (+VAT)